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01/01/2020 - New Year New Mage - Bugs Fixes Galore

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Satucre    36


We hired one of the best developers in the RSPS scene that we could find for Mage! This is going to be a great start to a great new YEAR for Mage!

We are very excited for what the future holds which is Season 2. We are close to finishing it and will be done at the end of January. A lot of work has went into it and we can't wait to start testing it.

Now for the point of this thread is all the bug fixes we encountered with Mage in the last year, pretty much fixed.


Bug fixes

  • We have fixed Deal 1-6 Commands 
  • Removed Requirement to attack Pilgrim boss, and only 25 Turkeys to spawn him. 0 Issues now
  • Fixed Lance part in the ::tut
  • All teleports have now been fixed
  • People may ::gamble at the new home now 
  • Items sold in the player owned shops and in general the player owned shop has been fixed now and all saves to it
  • Christmas Crackers have been removed from snowmen
  • Christmas crackers have been added to Present Box
  • Evil Santa is now fixed and will be attacked without issues and it costs 1 workshop teleport scroll per kill
  • New players accounts will now be made at the new home not the old one 
  • ::tower has been fixed, and also will teleport you to new home after finishing 
  • ::power has a new map, and is now a new location, and should work now properly every 24 hours. With only 1x chance to clear it per day 
  • Boss counters have been fixed for every group boss we have, raids, ::iced and etc

Sorry for the suffering you guys had to endure while we were working on fixing these bugs for you. This is just a small road bump before the Season 2 comes! 

We hope after this will be 0 issues to face. 

So lets drink to the bright future ahead ;)

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