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How To Post Images To Forums Guide

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Today I Will Be Showing You How To Import An Image To Forums

Preparation For Image Capture


First Thing You'll Want To Do Is Download Some kind of on-screen capture application. The Simplest And My Suggestion Is To Use Would Be Gyazo. You Can Also Use Imgur As An Alternative If You Prefer Using That. One Thing I Loving Using On Gyazo Is It Comes With A Capture GIF mode, allowing you to capture Up To 10 seconds Of Video Footage.


Links For  the Two Suggested applications






How To Import Image Into Forums Using Gyazo


Step 1: Hold "Control" "Shift" and then hit the letter C. Your mouse will turn into a cross hair and you will be allowed to drag it and highlight on your screen what you would like to screenshot. You will need to hold down your left mouse click and drag all simultaneously. Once you are set on what image you want on your screen simply let go on the mouse left click. Another way to do this is to go onto your computers task bar and Right click the Gyazo task icon and hit "Capture image"


Step 2: At this point your home browser should open and start to load you image through Gyazo.com. Note; You can Sign in and make an account to save all your previous screenshots. After the image as loaded you should just see your image on your screen. Right click the image and your gonna want to hit "Copy Image Address".


Step 3: Once you have Copied the image's address go onto your forums post or comment and you'll see  at the Bottom A Button That Says Insert Other Media



Click It And It Will Come Up With Insert Image From Url


Click It And It Will Come Up With This Screen


Enter The Url You Copied Previously And Hit Insert Into Post And Your Image Should Appear


Step 4: If You Wanted To Add Say Drawing Or Markings On The Image, You Simply Would Just Save The Image After Screenshotting It To Your Computer Then Re Open it In Paint 3D Or Any Image Editing Software, Do Your Markings Then Re Screenshot It Using Gyazo. Repeating Steps 2 And 3 .


Note; If You Are Posting A Video Or Simply Just A Image URL You Can Just Copy And Paste It Into The Comment Text Box And Post The Topic As It Ss. The Steps Above Are Only For If You Want The Image To Appear Without Clicking An External Link.


And Thats How You Upload An Image To Forums







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