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Forward Forum Moderator Application

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Reasons for Wanting To Become Forum Staff: Hi My Name Forward (James) And Today Ive Decided To Apply To Become Forum Staff To Start Well Lets Start By Saying Ever Since I Started 3 Days Ago I Have Learnt That MagePS Is The Best Community I Have Ever Been Apart Of So Far Everyone Is Amazing , Satucre Is A Great Owner And I Expect Him To Continue Giving MagePS Everything We Want With The Continous Updates And So On. InGame Is As Good As It Can Be But Forums On The Other Hand I Think It Needs Some Work Done For Example Cleaning Up Alot Of Inactive Outdated Topics(Guides) For Starters, I Know Im Fairly New To The Community But Im Sure With My Past Experience With Other RSPS That I Have Been Apart Of 8 Years Experience In And Around Other Servers Ive Been Nearly Forum Staff On All Of Them So Ive Learnt Alot To Be Able To Help Keep The Forums Clean, Guides Freshly Updated And Forums Generally Just Safe For Others And As I Grow Ingame And Learn Everything More It Will Make It Easier For Me To Create/Update Old Guides For New People/Returning Players or Just Current Members Stuck On General Acknowledgement Of The Server , So With The Opportunity I Would Love To Become Forum Staff To Make MagePS Better For Everyone.


Hours you spend a day on Mage and Forums: 12+ Hours Ingame And Surfing The Forums


My TimeZone : GMT(UK)


Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username):



Hope To See Everyone Either In Game Or On Forums Yours Sincerly



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Frostyxd    0

I 100% support, Foward has helped me when I started playing, helping me and answering any questions of mine.

I believe he would be a good candidate to be part of the MagePS staff.  

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