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23/12/19 - Christmas Update + Lots of QoL

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Satucre    36


What a fun update thread this will be, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and just enjoy the Holidays if you celebrate anything else! 

This Christmas update will be out till Season 2 comes out and we might add more onto it with your guys feedback.

We hope you enjoy this very special update as a lot of love and care went into it from the whole team.

Chrismas update

This special update starts at ::xmas, here you will meet an elf who will describe to you how to save Christmas!

If you don't read it in-game then read it here, you get a spade to dig up ornaments if your a noob, or use your weapons to fight snowmen around and they will drop ornaments as well. These ornaments decorate the tree in 4 different stages, and when its fully decorated you get the presents.


Inside the present you will find 

Christmas 2019 Present Box 
100% chance at Workshop Teleport Scroll
1/100 Chance at a Snowman Outfit Piece 
1/300 Chance at Snowman pet 
1/500 chance at Elf Pet 
1/700 chance at mini tree pet

Santas Workshop

Once you get the scroll to teleport to the Workshop you can build Puppets here and make a Voodoo doll, this will summon the Evil Santa that is haunting the workshop and you shall kill him!workshop.thumb.png.ab4eaa0421254a065d3b2eccaf82f97d.png

Here you can get many rewards to keep after the event, such as the puppets, and of course the evil santa gear. We plan on lowering the drop rate more, and getting feedback from you guys! ON What stats this set should have, if it should be a costume, a real set, or something else? 



New Home Map

This new home is here to stay, even after Christmas. We tried to make it more amazing for Season 2 and more memorable, with tons more maps coming out for Season 2 release you won't be able to contain your excitement 


QoL(quality of life) and Bug fixes

  • We have fully fixed ::power and should work now 
  • We have made all lances be picked up automatically in hellfire zone 
  • Donations have been automated by ::deal 1-6, and should fully give all the rewards now into bank if inventory is full
  • ::turkey event is still in full swing, the amount of turkeys to kill to spawn the boss has been reduced to 25, and lowered the hp of the boss 
  • Fixed the run toggle, if its highlighted you run, if its not you walk, simple stuff, but sometimes broke.
  • ::haunted event is now over!
  • We have fully updated the client to match end of 2019, new announcement for season 2, our deals, and of course fixing any broken links such as support links. Also something we should have done a long time ago
  • Everything has been prepared for Season 2, making it one of the biggest updates to come to Mage. With season 2 release it will mark the end of the Christmas event.

We hope this content and QoL will last you guys till our Season 2 release. A lot of work will go into it and a lot of work has already been put into it as we speak. It will be amazing and will speak for itself when released. Thank you guys for being awesome! 

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