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Gamble Guide!

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To get to the gambling area you type ::gamble or run north from Home.

On MagePS we have 3 kinds of gambling, Machines, flower poker and dice, we also have a cool casino.

Make Sure to always record your gambling or use a staff as a middleman, if you should be scammed, then you need to show proof to staff if no proof, or no use of a middleman NO REFUND





If you want to use the machines to dupe your item, you simply go to ::gamble and use the item on either the red machines or the blue machines:




Make sure if you fail to double your item you will lose the item.

.:Flower Poker:.



One of the most used gambling is the flower poker, to do flower poker you first need to buy some som Mithril seeds gOVs4nk.png from the Haticus Cosaintus shop at Northeast side of ::gamble, when you got the mithril seeds you now need to find one to gamble with when you find a person to gamble with you start plant 5 flowers, each player need to plant 5 flowers before you can see who win and who have lost, the combination on the flowers is listed below.



If both of you match the same combination you replant till you find a winner, if one of you get a black/white flower m7PA7Fr.png you both need to replant all Flowers(5) again, these 2 colours are automatic replant.




You can also choose to dice, to get starting to do dice you need to buy a dice bag from Haticus Cosaintus, the way the dice works is you click roll on the dice bag and it will roll a number from 1 - 99 the person with the highest number wins. 

There are a few options you can choose when you want to dice.

You can choose 1 roll.

Best out of 3.

Best out of 5.




With one of MagePS newest updates, we got our very own casino.ZbG2ZHd.png

Casino + Trusted Dicer Rank 

The casino is now given for people who want a rank upgrade from Diamond, this really isn't a huge benefit to anyone, but the top donators will be the most trusted for gambling and they will run their own casinos for bil tokens. They can set the rates the casino will have, and it's fully player-controlled. This gives a lot more power to the players and allows more flow of bil tokens since anyone who has a casino can allow anyone from any rank, iron man, elite, normal to gamble on it.





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