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Weapon Upgrading with Gems

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This post is going to go into some details on how you upgrade items, weapons etc.

upgrading weapons with gems, and stones.


.:Stones Upgrade:.

The next part of this post is going to be on Lucky Heaven Stones, Finest stone, Ice Diamond.

Lucky Ore used with Heaven stones --> to make Lucky Heaven Stone


Lucky heaven stones can upgrade:

Lucky Ring of Life --> Lucky Ring of Life (fixed) --> Lucky Ring of Life (Unbreakable)

Light Lance --> Hellfire lance

Lucky Teddy bear --> Lucky Teddy bear (upgraded)

Flaming Katana --> Gem Katana

Extremely Flaming Katana --> Omega Katana

Ash Teddy --> Ash Teddy upgraded

Drop Catcher --> Drop catcher t2 --> Drop catcher t3

Lucky Ring of Life --> Lucky Ring of Life (unbreakable)


Ice Diamond can upgrade:

Ice Diamond --> Lucky Ring Of Life (Damaged) --> Lucky Ring of Life


Finest Stone can upgrade:

Amulet Of Torture --> Amulet Of Torture OR (50% chance to destroy amulet)


.:Upgrade Master:.

To start off, when upgrading a weapon, if you want to know if it is upgrade-able, check the "upgrades npc" at ::home. If its not in that npc's menu, it CANNOT be upgraded with gems. The max level for any given upgrade-able is level 10. Meaning that there will be 10 gems needed to upgrade it from 0-10. The higher the level, the higher level gem needed in order to upgrade. Each of the gems, Weak, Strong and Godly will all reduce in success rate the higher the level of item being upgraded. Weak gems will become useless ( or against your odds of success ) after level 3. Strong gems become bad to use after level 6 because of the same reason. Godly gems will give you nearly 100% success rate until level 8, even then, its the only option to upgrading your weapon into the final levels.

Each level you upgrade your weapon, it will get an exponentially higher increase in stats. Most notably the strength. 

You can find Upgrade Master south-west at home next to the drop chest, when you click on Upgrade Master an interface will open:


at the right site, you can see a list of all the weapon you can upgrade, so etc if you have a blue lightsaber you want to upgrade you click on it in the interface and it will show in the add item slot:


you will now see some number in the 3 middle slots, these indicate the failure, success and destruction chance you have, the importen thing in here is you want as much success as you can get and lowest in failure, but none at all in destruction.

I use a blue lightsaber lvl 1 in this example and will show you how the difference is when i put in all 3 types of gems,

Weak Magical Gem:


You can see here we have 25% to fail the upgrade means you only lose the magical gem, but have 75% to success the upgrade.

Strong Magical Gem:


You can see here we have 0% in failure and destruction and 100% in the success that means it will upgrade it.

Godly Magical Gem:


The same with this one sins its the best gem you can use.


Now let me show you 3 example with a blue lightsaber lvl 6:

Weak Magical Gem:


In this example, we have 70% to fail, 70% to Destruction and 30% to success, if you get unlucky and hit the failure you will lose the Gem, but if you hit the destruction you will not only lose the gem but also the blue lightsaber.

Strong Magical Gem:


In this example, we have 25% to fail the upgrade but 75% to success.

Godly Magical Gem:


In this example, we have 100% to success.

If you fail an upgrade you will lose the stone and the weapon will be degraded 1 lvl so etc if you have a lvl 6 it will go down to lvl 5.


If you use the wrong gem you will always get a warning that tells you its the wrong gem you are using:



For levels 1-3, Weak gems are the best to use. However, if you have the money or resources, you can use a strong gem at level 3 for higher success chances.


For levels 4-7, Strong gems will be the go to gems, since weaks will be useless, and godly gems will be too expensive to use and not worth it. Strong gems will provide 100% success until level 6 and 7, the success of strong gems will go down to unusable after level 7 is achieved.


Levels 8-10, ONLY GODLY GEMS -- I cannot stress this enough, godly gems will be needed here, as the other gems will give way to low of upgrade chance. 




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