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AFK buff/Pickaxe Guide

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This is a guide to introduce you to our AFK activity we have here on MagePS.

Those zones can be found easily, just head west from home or use ::afkzone.

We have 2 kinds of afk zones fishing and mining.



You can just go and click fishing spot to fish, you do not need any fishing level or any tools

and the fishing level does not help you get fish faster.

You will get Rainbow Fish and randomly 1B tokens and Mystery Boxes.

You can fish as long as you want and can.

There is a Master Afk Shop where you can spend your rainbow fish to buy pickaxes:

There is 8 different pickaxes with different benefits.

So AFK fish and buy what you need.

Also Rainbow Fish and Pickaxes are tradeable.

  • Damage Pickaxe - 25k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to increase Strength bonus by 1,5%
  • Magic Damage Pickaxe - 50k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to increase Magic bonus by 1,5%
  • Ranged Damage Pickaxe - 50k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to increase ranged bonus by 1,5%
  • Golden Pickaxe - 50k Rainbowfish
  • Every 30-sec chance to get 1B token, MBox or golden key
  • Droprate  Pickaxe - 10k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to increase Droprate bonus by 10%, 20% with DDR
  • Health  Pickaxe - 35k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to increase Max HP by 50
  • Def  Pickaxe - 60k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to reduce damage by 30%
  • Lucky  Pickaxe - 100k Rainbowfish
  • Buff to get 5% chance to get a double drop



You need Pickaxe from AFK Fishing Shop to mine here.

You just keep it in inventory or equip it, it does not use 2 different pickaxes to

mine, mining just uses pick, which one is first.

Buff Pickaxes - You can mine for time up to 5-hour buff (You can see buff bottom right on the screen).

Golden Pickaxe - You can mine with it as long as you want.

NB! Double Strength Potion cannot be stacked with Damage Pickaxe Buff!

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