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Ice Dragon/Blood Queen

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Ice Dragon and Blood Queen are some of the endgame content we have here on MagePS, I will in this guide explain how to obtain keys and how to get to ice dragon and blood queen. First, you need to obtain an ice key and blood key, there is 3 ways to obtain those keys.

  1. Get 50 of each loop and tooth half and combine them into 1 key from White Walker at ::iced
  2. Buy Ice key and blood key from vote point shop at ::home, each ice key cost 11 points each blood key cost 14 vote point.
  3. Buy keys from other players and from player own store.

When you got your ice/blood key you grap your best pvm gear and go to ::iced when you get there you have ice key/blood key in your inventory and enter the cave at the north.


Make note that ice dragon and blood nex is multi bosses and you can make a team of max 4 players.


Ice Dragon

When you enter the cave at iced you see 4 red symbols,


To spawn the ice dragon you need to stand on 1 of these symbols if you are multi-players fighting each of you must stand on a symbol, when you stand on a symbol a timer will start a count down from 10 seconds (make sure to stay until you see this message)


Now is the Ice-Dragon spawned and you can now go kill it, when you finish killing the dragon a chest will spawn you now have 10 seconds to click on it or it will automatically loot the chest.



Congratulation you have now killed your first ice dragon


Blood Queen

To get to the Blood Queen you need to have a blood key in your inventory before you loot the ice dragon chest, if you have a blood key in inventory you will be automatically be teleported to the blood cave.

To spawn Blood-Queen is the same way you did with the ice dragon, stand on the red symbol for 10 seconds.


And wait for the message


And you can now go kill the Blood-Queen when you finish with killing queen a chest will spawn and you have 10 seconds to loot



When the chest is looted you will be teleported back to ::iced and you can now rejoin for a new round.


Drops from Ice-Dragon

  • 1 Ice key 1/9
  • 1 Blood key 1/9
  • 250 1b token 1/9
  • 500 1b token 1/9
  • 2 ice keys 1/9
  • 3 Food (class 5) 1/9
  • 5 Food (class 5) 1/9
  • 1 Absorption (4) 1/9
  • 2 Absorption (4) 1/9
  • 1 Ice Body 1/3500
  • 1 Ice Legs 1/3500
  • 1 Ice Hat 1/3500
  • 5 Ice key 1/3500
  • 5 Blood key 1/3500

Drops from Blood-Queen

  • 1 Ice key 1/8
  • 1 Blood key 1/8
  • 2 Blood key 1/8
  • 500 1b token 1/8
  • 1000 1b token 1/8
  • 3 Food (class 5) 1/8
  • 5 Food (class 5) 1/8
  • 2 Absorption (4) 1/8
  • 1 Blood Boots 1/4000
  • 1 Blood Gloves 1/4000
  • 1 Blood Staff 1/4000
  • 7 Ice key 1/4000
  • 7 Blood key 1/4000

I Hope this guide will help you out to go kill Ice-Dragon and Blood-Queen, good luck with drops.!

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