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👻 Spooky Deals👻

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👻 Spooky Deals👻 

The Halloween Deals are coming soon, but before they come watch your back because the SPOOKY Deals are here! 

👻 Spend $30+ Get👻 

Get a Free DBZ Gear Box - $30

Get 1 Cash Box - $3

Get 1 Raid box - $7

Free $40 for $30-59 in spending

👻 Spend $60+ Get👻 

Get A Free Chest Ticket - $40

Get a Trophy Box - $40

Get 3 Cash Box - $9

Free $89 for $60-119 in spending 

👻 Spend $125+👻 

Get a Free Diamond Ticket 

Get a Free DBZ Gear Box 

Get 5 Cash Box - $15

Free $145 for $125-249 in spending 

👻 Spend $250+👻 

Get a Free Diamond Ticket - $100

Get a Free DBZ Pet Box - $50

Get 2 Free Chest Tickets - $80 

Get 3 Free DBZ Gear Boxes - $90

Get 10 Cash Boxes - $30

Free $350 for $250+ in spending 




👻 Buy a $400 Donation or Sponsor chest👻  

👻 5/5 Left👻 

Get a Hades Scythe($250) + Choice of Blood Staff($250) OR Goku Set($300)

Get 1 Free Astral Box OR Diamond Chest Ticket ($100)

Get Three DBZ Pet Boxes Free ($150)

Free $800 for $400-599 in Spending 


👻Buy a $600 Donation or Diamond Upgrade Chest👻 

👻 5/5 Left👻 

Get the choice of a Crystal Staff($500) And Blood Hades Scythe OR Blue Bikini ($400)

Get 3 Astral Boxes Or 3 Diamond Chest Tickets ($300)

Get 6 DBZ Boxes Free ($300)

Free $1500 for $600+ in Spending


Anyone Spending past $1000+ Can Message Satucre on Discord for a CUSTOM BIGGER DEAL

We accept many payment methods if you have a question on what we accept message Satucre


To Claim any of these deals Pm Satucre, Alexlg, ViciousNeon, HeavyMetal, Mnritual In-game(best way), Discord(best way if no one is online), or Forums(will take 24 hours for a reply through forums) if no one is online you will still get the deal the second we are online!


Current OSRS Rates $0.45 a mil 

Current RS3 Rates $0.07 a mil

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Updated and REFILLED the $400/$600 Deals + Added new Deals. Get these deals before they end!

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