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🎂Season 2 Launch Deals🎂

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🎂Season 2 Launch Deals🎂

Hello and welcome to the LAUNCH of Season 2 

We are so proud of this we will be running some AMAZING Deals and promotions 

The Following are the deals we will be offering 

🎂Chest Tickets🎂

Buy 2 Chest Tickets Get 1 Free and 5 Cash Boxes  

Buy 3 Chest Tickets and get 2 Chest Tickets free and 5 Cash boxes

🎂Diamond Chest Tickets🎂

Buy 2 Diamond Chest Tickets Get 1 Free and 5 Cash Boxes

Buy 3 Diamond chest Tickets Get 2 Free and 5 Cash boxes

🎂Shiny Red Gyrados🎂

Buy 2 Red Gyrados Get 1 Free and 5 Cash Boxes

Buy 3 Red Gyrados and get 2 Free and One Trophy Box

🎂New Permanent Scrolls!🎂

Buy Unlimited Prayer + Permanent Overload and get 1 Trophy Box Free


Buy any 5 Boxes and get 3 Free

Buy any 10 Boxes Get 8 Free

Buy any 25 Boxes get 20 Boxes free

🎂Donator Points 🎂

Buy 2,000 Donator Points and get 1 Magical Box free

Buy 5,000 Donator points and get 2 Magical Box and 2 Free Cash box 


🎂Donate Big Get Big Deals🎂


🎂Spend $400+ and get🎂

Get Free Sponsor Chest OR Hades Scythe OR Blood Staff

Get Free 2 Astral Box OR 4 Halloween Boxes(Will be here for 1-2 weeks and then replaced)

Get One Trophy Box Free


🎂Spend $600+ and get🎂

Get Free Diamond Upgrade Chest OR Blood Hades Scythe OR Goku Set OR Crystal Staff

Get 3 Free Astral Box OR 6 Halloween Boxes(Will be here for 1-2 weeks and then replaced)

Get Two Trophy Boxes Free


Anyone Spending past $1000+ Can Message Satucre on Discord for a CUSTOM BIGGER DEAL

We accept many payment methods if you have a question on what we accept message Satucre


To Claim any of these deals Pm Satucre, Tea, and ViciousNeon In-game(best way), Discord(best way if no one is online), or Forums(will take 24 hours for a reply through forums) if no one is online you will still get the deal the second we are online!


Current OSRS Rates $0.60 a mil 

Current RS3 Rates $0.11 a mil

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