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Hours you spend a day on Mage:

This depends but average 4-5 hours at least with exceptions such as 12h/day... If I'm not online in-game you can find me browsing the discord or websites as "runelocus" etc... I like to be updated with the latest updates and game changes in the rsps community. The main goal of this is to forward it to Satucre/Axo to keep MagePS on track. If you think this is dumb or not necessary then I would suggest you relook or read about the daily business IRL. It's not because other companies/servers have something you can't copy it but if you do you copy it you need to try to improve it unless it works well then why shouldn't you copy it?


Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username):



Reasons for helping people:

Do you really need a reason to help each other out? Helping others comes naturally from me, whenever someone asks something i try my best to help them out. Also helping others can make new connections with players, and make sure they enjoy the shit out of Mageps.

Reasons for playing Mage:

I've played rsps for almost 10 years, and usually i only play the "pk-eco" servers. MagePS is really different from anything i've played before and i instantly got hooked to the progression system that the game has (it's amazing). I've also met alot of amazing people here. I play alot because I have alot of free time and would gladly spend it at this server. And one of the main reasons is the helping, I just love to spend time to explain and make players life easier.


Time zone: GMT +3





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