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Hardcore Iron-man

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Hardcore Iron-man

Hardcore iron-man is a great challenge!


  • 80% drop-rate increase


  • Cant use player owned shops
  • Cant trade with anyone
  • Lose Everything upon death

As a Hardcore you don't get many benefits, only more cons

As stated in the cons, upon death you lose everything, this is everything your account will be reset and you start over as a reg iron-man.

Preventing death    image.png.2d031e6b3462c9a25ad40b2210db6da7.png

You can acquire a heart crystal than you will have on you at all times, this crystal can be obtained in

Iron-man shop ::shops costing you 25k 1b tokens

Donator store ::home costing you 1000 donation points


You wanna start with following the tutorial ::tut, when you can, acquire some prayer levels at ::celestial then do lance till you have gotten full hellfire gear and lance, then head to ::sonic and get a ely, after that you wanna work on getting 5 zones done for donator rank, then start to head towards corp. this should get you going for a while

note: don't do goku in the beginning, since he will kill you easily.

have fun and dont die.

Here are all the guides you might need


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