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Zones Guide!

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peon    4



How does the zone work its simple and a great way to start to get gear upgrade, and make money.


  1. Getting started!
  2. Unlock the next zone!
  3. Rewards!
  4. Zones2
  5. Note!




First, you need to do is go to ::gkey kill 25 Jewelled Crab, after you get 25 kc from crab you type ::zones this open a new interface 


this interface shows all the zones you can complete each zone have 3 tasks you need to do before you complete the zones, etc if we look at Pikachu zone there is 3 task!

  • Get a Thunder Stone.
  • Get a Pikachu Pet.
  • Get 100 Pikachu kills.


So to complete the zone you need to keep kill Pikachu until you get 1 thunderstone drop, 1 Pikachu pet drop and kill at least 100 Pikachu, take note that the drops are rng based so no one can tell you when you get the drop.

When you get etc a Pikachu pet drop the middlebox will be 100% done and you can click claim and you will get the loot from that task. You need to have 100% in all the tasks before the zone is completed.



Each zone have a requirement you need to have done before you can go to the next zone, to see what each zones requirement is you can click on (teleport) and it will tell you, lets etc take the Cave Horror zone if you click on teleport bottom in the interface it will give you an information in chatbox, to get to Cave Horror you will need to get 1/3 of the Pikachu task 100% completed this means you need to get 1 out of the 3 task done from Pikachu zone and it can be any of the 3 you complete to unlock the next zone.




There is a lot of good rewards to get from complete the zones first there is the items you can claim from complete each task, then there is more great rewards from complete 5,- 10,- 15 zones etc.

Finish 1 zone!

  • 5% drop rate boost.
  • 1 Lucky heaven stone and 1 double str potion

Finish 3 zone!

  • 5% damage boost
  • 1 magical box and 1 double str potion

Finish 5 zone!

  • 5% damage boost to one-handed weapons
  • $10 Rank and 2k d points and 2 double str potion

Finish 7 zone!

  • 10% damage boost to two-handed weapons
  • 1 pet box and 2 double str potion

Finish 10 zone!

  • 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost.
  • $20 Rank and 4k d points added to your account, 1 magical box, 3 double str potion

Finish 12 zone!

  • 10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate
  • get 100% 10% scroll

Finish 15 zone!

  • 10% damage reduction, 15 ho boost again, 10% damage increase
  • $30 Rank and 6k d points added to your account, 5 double str, 2 magical mbox, 1 pet box free

Finish 18 zone!

  • 10% drop rate boost
  • Get a Trophy box for free ($40 free)

Finish 20 zone!

  • Can claim attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30
  • $40 Rank and 8k d points added to your account

Finish 22 zone!

  • 10% drop rate boost and 10% damage increase
  • Two 100% 10% scrolls

Finish 25 zone!

  • Get a care package every day with random stuff inside (not ingame yet)
  • $50 Rank and 10k d points added to your account

Finish 28 zone!

  • 10% double drop rate chance
  • Get a chest ticket free

Finish 30 zone!

  • Get a daily random Dragonball added to the bank after you kill Goku twice that day
  • $60 Rank and 12k d points added to your account


Zones 2 new zone content added

With mage and range being introduced more and more into MagePS, they wanted to break off the regular ::zones at that is its own legacy and its more for melee, zones 2, on the other hand, will be more for Mage and Range damage boosts, item to help them, and of course more donation ranks to obtain!

The zones2 works like the regular zones to start you type ::zones2

Finish 1 zone!

  • 5% drop rate boost
  • 1 lucky heaven stone, 1 double range, 1 double magic potion

Finish 3 zone!

  • 7% magic damage boost
  • 1 cash box, 1 double range and magic potion

Finish 5 zone!

  • 10% range damage boost
  • 2k donation points $10 rank, 2 double range and magic potion


Note: Egg have made a youtube zone guide check it out click Here


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Dreamer    3

Very nice and helpful guide, good job as always.

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Biggster    1

Great guide Peon, thanks!

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