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image.png.15fccbd98827eb2c508136d874f54067.png Group Iron-man guide image.png.ba620980638954c9f7648546eb3466a9.png


As a Group iron-man you have.

  • 50% increased drop-rate.
  • Able to trade with group members.
  • Shared Vault.

You Cannot.

  • Trade with other then your group.
  • use player owned shops.
  • participate in drop-part.

How to start/and or join a group

Note: You can always join a group that have already been made, no matter how long ago or how far they are in the game.

Lets start

head down in the basement at ::home                                  image.png.304a434816b008f89402919384c12d59.png

Here you will find 2 tables, these are the "ironman table"     image.png.40f6211ae33231a00bb2c604b3830738.png


Simply right click the table and press Create Group                        image.png.e64ec07c7dce3589c6c7953fdd67ff3f.png   Note: Only 1 person needs to do this

Insert the name and description and create your group      image.png.bd897c2604e1e4370236533e9c7a9cd8.png

   Now you have a group                                           image.png.83d6e52bf4e9a84225c2e6e87e4791f8.png

To invite other people, simply just right click and press invite image.png.d86b7630576f201f8bb2ebcb1827136b.png

Your will be invited players will be promoted with a UI, they simply have to press accept to join your group  



As stated before, group Iron-man have a shared vault, this is accessed in the Iron-man table in the basement.
Here you can store items, remember that everyone in your group can take items from this vault.

image.png.abbd0f443d81f9da59d6f88d5d07eef8.png  image.png.d4d85d775aae1388a85a4fc8c7f24c4c.png


Getting started

Now that you got your group up and running, you wanna get started on playing MagePS i will referee you to a great overall starter guide by db91ee34bfe18ed6a29dd4899ab175b3.pngVirax

You can type ::thread 11359

Another referee is to Steffio overall section of guides ::thread 11564


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