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Zones Guide!

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On MagePS we have a great zone content i like a lot i will try to explain how it works and what rewards you can get!

To get started with the zones you need to kill 25 Jewelled Crab when you done with that you type (::zones or ctrl +z) this will open up a new interface with all the zones you can complete, its benefit you to complete the zones to get free donator ranks and lots of items.


Each zone has 3 tasks you need to complete to 100% before you complete the zone.

Before you can go to the next zone you will need to complete  1 out of the 3 tasks for Pikachu that's mean you need to either kill 100 Pikachu or get a thunderstone drop.

let us start with the first task which is the Pikachu zone, when you finish killing the 25 Jewelled Crap you can click on the teleport and it will teleport you to Pikachu zone, in this area you simply kill the Pikachu, the 3 tasks you need to complete in this zone is!

  1. Get a Thunderstone
  2. Get a Pikachu pet
  3. Kill 100 Pikachu

after you completed all of the 3 tasks it will look like this.


And you can now click on claim to get the rewards and go to the next zone!


With Mage and Range being introduced more and more, we wanted to break off the regular ::zones as that is its own legacy and its more for melee, ::zones2, on the other hand, will be for Mage and Range damage boosts, items to help them, and of course more donation ranks to obtain! 



Rewards for ::zones


Finishing one zone 

  • 5% drop rate boost 
  • lucky heaven stone and one double str pot 

Finishing three zones -

  • 5% damage boost 
  • magical mbox and one double str pot

Finishing five zones

  • 5% damage boost to one handed weapons 
  • 2k donation point box plus $10 rank and two double str

Finishing seven zones

  • 10% damage boost to two handed weapons
  • pet box and two double str 

Finishing 10 zones

  • 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost 
  • $20 rank 4k points so 2x 2k boxes and one magical box free and three double str 

Finishing 12 zones

  • 10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate 
  • Get a 100% 10% scroll($60 free)

Finishing 15 zones

  • 10% damage reduction, 15 hp boost again, 10% damage increase
  • $30 rank and 6k d points and 5 double str and two magical mbox and one pet box free 

Finish 18 Zones

  • 10% Drop rate boost
  • Get a Trophy box for free($40 free)

Finish 20 Zones

  • $40 Rank and 8k d points
  • Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30

Finish 22 Zones 

  • 10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase 
  • Two 100% 10% scrolls 

Finish 25 Zones -

  •  $50 Rank and 10k d points
  • Get a Care Package every day with random stuff inside to help you on today's day  

Finish 28 zones -

  • 10% double drop rate chance 
  • Get a chest ticket free 

Finish 30 Zones

  • $60 Rank and 12k d points 
  • Get a Daily Random Dragonball added to your bank after you kill goku twice that day

 Rewards for ::zones2 



Finish One Zone -

  • 5% Drop rate boost 
  • One Lucky Heaven stone One double range and one double Magic potion 

Finish Three Zones

  • 7% Magic Damage Boost 
  • One Cash box and One Double Range and One Double Magic pot

Finish Five Zones

  • 10% Range Damage Boost
  • 2k d points $10 rank and two double range and two double mage pots

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