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Pet Guide!

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[Thread will be updated in the future as needed]


How to obtain pets: Pets can be acquired through either Pet Boxes in the donor store, attendance rewards (30th day) and purchasing them off of players and ::zones reward, Halloween pet obtained from Halloween pet box Raid pets (Obiwan, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper) can only be acquired via their respective raid.

Pets will be listed in the same order as in pet box and will also include their rarity. For specific prices of pets, feel free to ask in-game, as prices are always changing. 


Skilling pets

Agrith Naar (Common) - Doubles imp points obtained by catching imps at ::hunter, and also provide a a 0-10% skillpoint bonus while skilling

Box Pets

Celestial dragon (Common) - Double prayer xp from bone crusher
Corp (Common) - 10% chance to cut incoming damage in half, not really viable for most situations
Ninja Servant (Common) - doubles chance to receiving item from thieving stall
Vetion (Common) - doubles spec restoration rate
Mixer (Common) - 9% drop rate
Drunk Slave (Common) - 9% drop rate
Whore (Common) - 9% drop rate
Tormented Demon (Common) - 15% drop rate towards tormented demons

Satucre (Rare) - 16% drop rate
Ork Legion (Rare) - deals random 1-10% of your max hit every 3 combat ticks.
Vorago (Rare) - 10% chance to double your max hit on every hit
Terrorbird (Rare) - Halves the prayer drain received through pvp Spirit shield effect + Halves prayer drain from Strykewyrm attack
Flambeed (Rare) - Forces a cupcake (Heals 90) down your throat every 15 combat ticks (Roughly 9 seconds)
Giant Squirrel (Ultra Rare) - 2% chance to deal moderate bonus damage on each hit + 5% drop rate + 2% chance to take no damage when you get hit
Golden Black Dragon (Ultra Rare) - 5% chance to deal huge bonus damage on each hit + 1% chance to inflict a burning effect on each hit AND random 1-20% drop rate bonus per kill + 1 in 75 chance to reroll a rare drop on every kill
Diablo (Ultra Rare) - random 1-10% drop rate bonus per kill + cuts the QBD/Phantom set effect cool down in half
Pumpkin (Ultra Rare) - 24% drop rate - Best Drop Rate Pet

Drop Pets

Pikachu (Common) - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, otherwise 5%
Raichu (Common) - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, 7% below 10000 kills, otherwise 5%
Hellfire Pet (Common) - 9% Drop Rate - Acquired by getting 5K hell points.
Obiwan Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS OBIWAN ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] gives 31% Drop Rate when wearing the full Obiwan Set
StormTrooper Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS STORMTROOPER ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] allows your red lasergun to shoot 3 times instead of 2 while wearing the full StormTrooper set
Darth Vader Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS DARTH VADER ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] allows you to melee from a distance while wearing the full Darth Vader set
Prestige Pet (Rare) - 10% chance to deal bonus damage on each hit
Goku Pet (Ultra Rare) - [ONLY ACQUIRED FROM GOKU/PLAYERS] - 11% Drop Rate, doubles spec restoration rate

Haloween box pets

2019 Chucky pet (Common) 
He will stab you granting you a temporary 10% Damage boost for Magic, Range or Melee every 60 seconds for 120 seconds the buff will last

2019 IT Pet (Common)
Shocks the NPC you are attacking and only 1 NPC at a time and allows you to do 10% damage extra to it without it attacking you 
2019 Micheal Myers (Rare)
Undying Effect, every time you are about to die(0-1 hp) you will be healed to full HP and be given a 10% damage boost to all attack styles 
2019 Jason Pet (Ultra Rare)
Die DIE DIE He will out of nowhere whip out 500k-1 million Damage (5% chance) level 5 pet (10% chance) 
2019 Freddy Pet(Ultra Rare)
Our first aggressive Pet, since Freddy wants to take everyone on he will make all NPC's aggressive to him, and give 5% damage boost to all magic range and melee For Aggressive effect to stay you have to move every 5 minutes or the effect ends


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