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Slayer Guide

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Slayer guide

How to get the gilded helmet:
To be able to create the gilded helmet you need 8 Lime helmets.

5dbb14146d7f1_Limehelm.png.80fa9c0b7bc085383a6a3558f49aab63.png Lime helm, 13% droprate on slayer task. (5k slayer points)
Combine two Lime helms to make a barrows helmet.
5dbb147ae196a_Barrowshelm.png.ab0e510448b8abcfc6774801265ac25c.png  Barrows helm, 20% droprate on a slayer task. (10k slayer points)
Combine two barrows helms or 4 limes to make a shadow helmet.
5dbb15230cdb7_Shadowhelm.png.c3bcba5c0c506d4ecbae009b19473c2b.png  Shadow helm, 33% droprate on a slayer task. ( 20k slayer points)
Combine 2 Shadow helms or 8 limes to make a gilded helmet.
5dbb161333828_Gildedhelm.png.f650a75249f58c380b52dd393240a670.png Gilded helm, 50% droprate on a slayer task and 25% damage boost in slayer zones. (40k slayer points)

You got to Gilded helm, well done now its time to go further in to slayer gear, and how to upgrade the helm even more.
You can obtain Slayer points and Slayer helm attachments and gear to create hydra (hybrid gear) from the slayer zones.

How ever the gear and attachments are only dropped by the golden black dragon, wich requires a amount of kills and damage dealt, but the kills are different every zone, and the damage needed is 100M to damage the boss.

Every zone has his own gear style and attachment:

::slayere the easy slayer zone is the melee gear+attachment.

(add the attachment to the gilded slayer helm to increase the 25% damage boost in slayerzones to 50% for melee.)

the medium slayer zone is the range gear+attachment.

5dbb270830e2c_Slayergearranged.png.f154401052969f87116ca3547e517b2d.png(Attachment picture coming)
(add the attachment to the gilded slayer helm to increase the 25% damage boost in slayerzones to 50% for ranged.)

::slayerh the hard slayer zone is the magic gear+attachment

5dbb27c12b226_Slayergearmagic.png.308ac75a94cc4b9641ab0323e069da01.png(Attachment picture coming)

When ever you have achieved to get all the armors+attachments you are able you combine the gear+attachments to create the hydra armor (hybrid armor) wich gives 50% damage increase inside the slayer zones as well as outside the zones!


                                     Good luck slaying!

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