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26/10/19 - Halloween UPDATE IS HERE! Slayer REWORK and MORE!

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Welcome to our Halloween update thread, this includes our long awaited Halloween update which we tried to make extra juicy and includes our VERY important Slayer rework, and even more important a brand new spanking player owned shops system. 

Halloween is HERE!

::haunted will be your first destination on this Harrowing Halloween 


Halloween Pet Boxes

These cost $50 Each and will be only in-game until the Halloween event ends, the pets have the following bonuses

2019 Chucky pet effect 
He will stab you granting you a temporary 10% Damage boost for Magic, Range or Melee every 60 seconds for 120 seconds the buff will last 
2019 IT Pet 
Shocks the NPC you are attacking and only 1 NPC at a time and allows you to do 10% damage extra to it without it attacking you 
2019 Micheal Myers 
Undying Effect, every time you are about to die(0-1 hp) you will be healed to full HP and be given a 10% damage boost to all attack styles 
2019 Jason Pet 
Die DIE DIE He will out of nowhere whip out 500k-1 million Damage (5% chance) level 5 pet (10% chance) 
2019 Freddy Pet 
Our first aggressive Pet, since Freddy wants to take everyone on he will make all NPC's aggressive to him, and give 5% damage boost to all magic range and melee 
For Aggressive effect to stay you have to move every 5 minutes or the effect ends


Exclusive Halloween Sets

We wanted to add a bit of exclusivity to every tier, as when this event ends all this stuff will now only be traded and obtained through the original people who got it. There will only be 15 sets in total for sale this Halloween.


Has Freddy's Claw which is actually a blood scythe, but already +10, and +2000 str bonus and same special attack making it the best 2 handed weapon in game

The armor is the same as goku, with a new set effect renamed into Freddy's Instinct, the pieces of armor are +50 str bonus more as well making it the best armor set in-game

This full set is $1200



This armor set will have the same Goku effect as Freddy with same stats

But will include a Hellslayer sword reskinned for Jason's Machete, It will be +10 upgrade with 500 str bonus as well making it the best 1 handed weapon in-game

This full set is $1000


Michael Myers

This set will be a Pink Bikini stats armor set, with the same effect as QBD armor set effect meaning random buffs

The weapon will be the same stats as the Jason Weapon, but it will be Michaels Knife. 

This full set is $600 


If you want to hold onto something which will always hold its value and get buffed in the future as well with future updates, then these exclusive 2019 armor sets and weapons are the way to go. 


Slayer Rework

What an important update this is for Mage, its a long time coming to make Slayer viable again and we hope you will love this. This update comes with 3 new zones, 3 Bosses, tons of NPC's to kill, a reason to get gilded helmets, and of course the combination of all the items to make the brand new Hydra Armor set which will be the best slayer set in the game and has amazing stats too. Hydra being our first HYBRID SET! 




Gilded slayer helmet normal will give 25% damage boost, a specific attachment from the Golden Black Dragon will give it 50% damage to that attachments style inside of the slayer cave, if you get a hydra set, its a hybrid set giving 50% damage to all attack styles and since its a hybrid set it will work best inside and outside the slayer cave, but will take a long time to obtain. 

The boss to fight is the Golden Black Dragon which can be found in all 3 slayer caves, each zone will only give drops for a specific attack style, Easy being Melee, Medium being Range, and Hard being Mage 

Player Owned Shops 

Another long awaited update, to keep making Mage better we always re-work old and out dated content and make it work perfectly for the future to come.


Astral Rework

We have finally added the magic points shop, and we have changed the way astral boxes work, we removed the red experience astral from the chance table, and added it as a 100% chance to come with every astral box instead.


Bug Fixes/Content Updates

  • We have made blood scythe have an additional 5k str bonus 
  • Crystal staff is now added to upgrade master 
  • The combination key from ::tri is now stackable, the rest are not
  • Fixed the issues with the zones not counting for being on the winning side 
  • Quick join option has been fixed for raids
  • We have fixed stacking for Magic and Range double pots with mining, so you can only do double potion or mining not both at once
  • Fixed any new issues with ::iced that have appeared
  • Lasergun drops will now be added to the inventory/bank
  • Fixed people losing their T3 donut 
  • Blood staff is now only a 2 Person AoE while crystal staff is 3 and so is hades scythe/blood scythe
  • Fixed the issue with people getting triple drops from Obiwan and other Raids(This happened due to our new double drops system)
  • Only the #1 on the winning side will get a scroll, not everyone from ::evil and ::good
  • Fixed people from being attacked at home
  • And many other bugs have been fixed and quashed 

We are sorry the update came so late when Halloween is right around the corner, Axo was sick and needed time to recover. The update is finally done and we have a lot of stuff that was supposed to be added to this update, but will now be left for the next HUGE update, so we hope you enjoy this update and give us the feedback on future events. Our Easter one was amazing Halloween is better, and for Christmas/Holidays we plan to out do ourselves. 

We hope you guys ENJOY! 

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Thank you very much for the updates / fixes! 

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Very juicy update. Nice work you 2 :)

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