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Ironman Cant

Starting and general tips

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This is a general (starting) tip guide, aimed at new players but might help old ones too. Work-In-Progress.

Pictures/possible video will be added later. Thanks to the people who have made the guides that I linked/will link!


1. Starting off 


A little about gamemodes:

  • Ironman gets 55%(?) drop rate bonus, but they can't trade at all
  • Group ironman gets a little less, but they can trade with group members
  • Hardcore ironman has maximum 3(?) lifes
  • Normal mode has no bonuses
  • You can make an elite mode account when you hit 50k npc killcount with your other account. It will create a new account for you with new name, your current password and elite armour(you do not get items on your current account, but they stay on the old one). A link to Baron's Elite Ironman guide

I recommend activating 2fa instantly if possible(gives drop rate), then starting ::tut and following it. When you need to claim attendance reward, if it says wait * minutes then just relog and you can claim it. Do not vote before ::tut tells you to, but if you have already voted, then just vote once and do ::voted and you should be able to go forward. When you are at the point where you need to get 1 hellfire piece, do not buy chest piece as you get it for free. Also remember to claim free rewards from ::tutc.

Get prayer levels from: 1. ::Celestial 2. ::horror(s) 3. XP lamps. You choose which one. After getting atleast pray melee(get pots from ::shops and then supply shop) you should farm hellfire lance, except in two situations: 1. You get lucky and manage to get enough cash to buy blue lightsaber or better weapon. 2. You donate and either get lucky with chest tickets or buy one of the good items instantly. Also drop rate DOES help with lances. After getting Light Lance you can upgrade it with a lucky heaven stone(do not use normal heavy stones, they can break your item) with a 50/50 chance to get hellfire lance. This is safe to do AS LONG AS you are using Lucky Heaven Stones. It can either take a short time or a very long time. Took me 2.2k kc to get Hellfire Lance, while my friend is stuck at Fire Lance with 2.5k kc.

After you are done with lance, head to ::tower and speak to Rick. Then do horror tower till you have atleast normal interdimensional donut, but I suggest getting level 3 donut as soon as possible. Took me 2200~ killcount on morties to get level 3.

2. ::Zones


 This server's progression is based on ::zones and ::zones2. You get rewards like donation rank, donator points, gems(to upgrade late game weapons), potions, boxes and other good loot from doing it. You are required to complete certain zones to progress, so content is locked behind it. Completing these zones is also the way to upgrade your gear. I suggest getting access to Lucky Knights as soon as possible and then completing that zone, especially if you are a normal account. 

Link to Satucre's guide for Zones.

Link to Eggy's video guide on zones.


3. General Tips



  • You get free donator rank at 5 ::zones completed.
  • You can disable fog in login screen by pressing the icon with two cogs at bottom left.
  • First of all, I only recommend opening crystal and gold keys at the very beginning. After you are done with hellfire stuff, you don't need these for anything. Save 15000 of each and you can combine them for a Magical Chest.
  • Do not open Hell Chests. Sell them and keys to Torzek at ::home.
  • Your first AoE weapon comes from ::Evil(pray to Zamorak, you teleport right in front of it) and go through the portal. You just need to deal damage on it to get loot.
  • If you are doing 500+ kills of a boss, always get a task for it from ::slayer and then talking to Boss Task npc. It gives you a rare drop from the boss/raid you are doing after certain amount of kills. 500 kills for a boss bounty scroll, 250 for raids, 50 for Goku.
  • There are bunch of keybindings that help you open/teleport around the server. Ctrl+z opens up ::zones menu, ctrl+b opens up bank, ctrl+h teleports you to home, ctrl+g teleports you to gold chest(best way to access goku). I most likely am missing some, so please comment below or PM me ingame for the rest.
  • If you want to compare items, do ::compare and then write the complete name of the items(one on each side).
  • Remember to vote everyday. You can get 14 vote points everyday. Drop catcher(level 1) costs 125 vote points, which you want to buy first. After that you can start buying ice and blood keys(whenever you can kill them). Also every 10th vote grants buffs to everyone. It helps the server too, so remember to vote and thank you!
  • Remember to join ::discord for sneak peaks on patches and giveaways!
  • Even if you don't do good or evil boss, at the end of the day vote on whoever is winning. This way you can get completion for ::zones2(Doesn't work at the moment, it resets).
  • You can buy weak, strong and godly gems or double potions from boss point shop(speak to boss of the day npc or boss task npc). This is really helpful when you get katana or higher tier weapon.
  • Remember to check Boss of the Day everyday. You can do them even if you don't have requirements(teleport with ::bossname or if it doesn't work, ask the command in chat). You also get double killcount for ::zones and npckills. Also double boss points.
  • You get free chances on obiwan at ::raids everyday. Remember to do them everyday for a chance at blue lightsaber and obiwan gear.
  • When you have lots of cash(500t+ imo) you can start doing Astrals. White astrals are useless, just sell them instantly. Green astrals are useful at start but try to get blue as soon as possible. Purple+ is really good. You can use 2 astrals after you have done 10 ::zones. If you are changing to new astral(s), remember to unequip old ones or  it wont let you change.
  • When you start upgrading weapons with gems, use 3 weaks, 4 strongs and 3 godlys.
  • You can disable fog in login screen. Just click options in bottom left and then toggle fog off.
  • Use Christmas Cracker on an ironman(not an elite) to get guaranteed potions out of it. Otherwise the other player might get them.
  • You can remove special deals by right-clicking them. Same applies for buffs, but it removes the buff from you.
  • You can right-click enemies to check their drops and droprates.
  • ctrl+click items to wear them as costumes. Invicible set gives damage boost, anything else gives HP.
  • You can combine Tri Keys from ::tri zone for better chance at pieces.
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Dreamer    3

Nice guide man, should help a lot of people out ;^)

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PrKnight    2

Nice Guide 


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