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08/10/19 - New AMAZING content, ::zones2, new events, and lots more!

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Thank you for waiting patiently for this amazing update, we have worked very hard to deliver an amazing for you guys here, we focus on quality over quantity. Mage is already content packed, now we just choose the right content to make your gaming experience amazing! 

Good vs Evil

This is a brand new amazing concept we came out with lots of hidden information, its apart of the new ::zones2, if you pray to good each day and get 10 kills you will get 10% range damage and pray to evil you will get 10% magic damage daily, plus a buff server wide for which ever side wins each day as its a constant battle with good and evil.




FFA Event

Enter Mages bloodiest event ever! Its our first ever PvP event which will be hosted by admins and myself from time to time, the goal is to be the last one standing in a fun FFA event. We hope you guys enjoy and help us fix any bugs with it which may occur and how to make more PvP events for you guys. 

::zones expansion

Finish 28 zones - Get a chest ticket free 
Finish 30 Zones - $60 Rank and 12k d points 

Finish 28 zones - 10% double drop rate chance 
Finish 30 zones - Get a Daily Random Dragonball added to your bank after you kill goku twice that day 



With Mage and Range being introduced more and more, we wanted to break off the regular ::zones as that is its own legacy and its more for melee, ::zones2 on the other hand will be for Mage and Range damage boosts, items to help them, and of course more donation ranks to obtain! 

Finish One Zone - 5% Drop rate boost 
Finish Three Zones - 7% Magic Damage Boost 
Finish Five Zones - 10% Range Damage Boost

Finish One zone - One Lucky Heaven stone One double range and one double Magic potion 
Finish Three zones - One Cash box and One Double Range and One Double Magic pot 
Finsih five zones - 2k d points $10 rank and two double range and two double mage pots 


Iron man Zone

This was a really cool concept idea we came up with, a huge map and a huge boost to iron man, we have created 3 restocking shops with points to farm from the NPC's inside this zone. This is a great alternative for starting Iron man, instead of using cash at iron man store, and its a great place to just train in general. We want to add more to this and we will be listening as this iron man zone is just at its start! 


Summers Over

Summer is finished so we added blue bikini, the best magic gear set in the game for $450, this compares with the ice set for example, and we added the new best in slot magic weapon, the crystal staff($550) the brother to Blood staff, as a way to expand magic even more because you guys asked for it!


Weekend event 

We have added an amazing new weekend event, everyone now gets 20% drop rate and 10% double drop rate from Friday to Sunday, so get your weekend grind on and save the hardest grinds for the weekend!

Upgradable Donut 

We have made the Donut even more amazing by making it upgradable using the tower of horror shop, the upgrade would give it a prayer restore effect instead of bringing prayer potions and then the second upgrade which will make it level three makes it give an overload effect every time yours runs out. 


New Donator Benefits

Diamond rank will now give 3 blood and 3 ice keys free everyday added to bank and you will now get 10 minutes added to your potion duration as a Diamond

Sponsor rank will now give 3 ice keys and 2 blood keys a day added to the bank, and you will now get 5 minutes added to your potion duration as a sponsor so total would be 15 minutes with diamond :)

VIP now gets 2 Ice keys and 1 blood 

Divine 1 Ice key 1 blood 

Legendary 1 Ice key

We have also expanded ::szone by adding ::szone2 

Group Iron man Tournament Automation

Every month now whoever has the biggest vault the winners will be chosen at the end of the month automatically and the prizes will be paid out automatically and manually be given additional prizes. This makes the process simpler and better for all instead of manual. SO GET YOUR GRIND ON!


  • Gamble tournament is now not automated and was made into a admin/owner hosted event with manual start up
  • Raids needs 250 kills for a bounty scroll instead of 500 as other bosses
  • Polypore staff now requires 1 magic to cast its spell
  • A ::hidedrops option has been added for sponsors and diamonds, so they won't spam up the chat with all their amazing drops!
  • Soul ring is now 25% drop rate from 20%
  • We have added a new vorago zone called ::voragod which is like ::raged so you need to be a donor to enter

Bug fixes

  • Pets not teleporting to you when you go too far is now fixed
  • Red lasergun storm trooper task now works properly
  • KC and collections now work properly for ::iced and ::raids
  • ::zones giving star war trophies instead of raid boxes for star war tasks
  • All tutorial bugs fixed
  • All hades bugs fixed
  • Remaining astral bugs fixed
  • Players losing blood chest loot if someone spawns another blood queen before you loot
  • Boss of the day for QBD has been fixed and will now show a KBD instead of the massive QBD
  • Name changing won't be saved on boss collections anymore 

Thank you for being an amazing community and for supporting us. We have recently had our one year anniversary where Mage was only a concept which we didn't know will work one year ago. Now look how far we came with our amazing updates. We always choose quality over quantity and make sure our community is always happy by having great staff, and updates made with your suggestions and feedback.

If you have any ideas or bugs you have found we are waiting for you on ::discord eager to listen! 

The best way to support Mage is by voting if you cannot donate!


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Amazing update keep it up!!

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Guest herregud

nice update!

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nice work boss men

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this update is sickk

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looks amazing work =) nice guys keep going ^^

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Guest Astral shop???

Where is astrals shop that we are waiting for so long??

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Love the new updates! Time to grind!

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