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Lvl50 Eevee

Along came an Eevee..

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Hours you spend a day on Mage: 12-15+ hours

Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://gyazo.com/49354d9625e9af51f903fdc4df950f28  Lvl50 Eevee

Reasons for helping people:I genuinely strive to be ambitious in making the world a less negative place. There's enough turmoil an unnecessary ordeals going on in the world as is so therefor i thrive to help others whenever I possibly can. Noone wants to put their efforts and time into a game when there's so much to be explained, that would only lead to overwhelming frustration and less enjoyable play time.

Reasons for playing Mage: Mainly i've grown fond of the community and fellow staff. I talk rather actively on voice and to a good number via in game and i just legitimately feel great about the overall direction in which the games heading. I do greatly respect that we have a voice an it's at least given an opportunity to be heard rather then overlooked and blatantly ignored. 

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