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Welcome to MagePS.

I made a guide for new players to follow which i hope can help you out a lot on your adventure.


When you join the server you will have to choose your game mode, at MagePS we have 4 game modes you can choose which is!

  1. Normal!
  2. Iron Man!
  3. Hardcore Ironman!
  4. Iron Man Group!


  • Normal game mode: there is no restrictions applied, you can play as you please.
  • Iron Man game mode: Is unable to trade, gamble and use of the auction.
  • Hard Ironman game mode: Is unable to trade, gamble, use of the auction and will reset on death.
  • Group Ironman game mode: Play as an ironman but in a group with your friends.

After you chosen your game mode you will get the option  to set a pin? i will suggest you to set up a pin to secure your account.

After you set up your pin you now have the option to select your skin etc.

Next step you get the option to go thrue a tutorial of MagePS this is a good way to see some of the content we have here on MagePS, complete the tutorial will reward you see the reward by type ::tutc. If you want to skip this, for now, you can always use ::tut to start it



::Home area and ::shops

The home area has a few npc that is good to know and use.


North side

  • Banker
  • Donation store

Northwest side

  • Vote Shop
  • Attendance Checker
  • Torzek

Northeast side

  • Bank Server
  • Auctioneer
  • Beginner Helper

Vote Shop

  • When you start on MagePS its a god way to start ::vote, when you vote you will get voting tickets, vote book, when you use the vote book you get 1 vote point you can spend in the vote shop, when 10 people vote the entire server will get some random buff that help ingame.

Attendance Checker

  • Each day you log on you can talk with attendance checker and claim, so make sure you talk with him each day


  • Torzek is an npc you want to use when you have item ou cant sell, he offers to buy items for 50% of the check price value.

Bank Server

  • Bank server offers you to set up a bank pin if you didn't do this when you created your account, have a bank pin is good to have to prevent losing bank if you get hacked.


  • Auctioneer is a service where you can sell your item to other players, if you right-click on auctioneer you get 3 options 
  1. Show auctions: allow you to see the items people have for sale
  2. New auction: to start a new auction, when open you right-click on the item you want to sell, then you enter the start bit price, and the buy out price, and the time the auction should end.
  3. Collect items: here you collect the item you sold or buy.

Beginner Helper

  • Talk to this npc and you can start the tutorial.



To get to the shop area use ::shops or run east from home area.

South side of shop


  • General and skilling shop:
  • Range shop: 
  • Magic shop
  • Supply shop


  • Starting shop
  • Skillpoint store
  • Trivia store
  • I buy customs

North side of shops


  • Have cash exchanger


  • Have 500m shops


The next step you want to do is go to ::ckey at this area you will be killing Fairy to get crystal keys and use them on chest or put the keys in the first slot of your inventory and type ::openallckey, use this place to raise your combat stats to 125 and get the bronze lance and update your combat gear.

After you raised your combat stats and got the lance you go to ::gkey, kill at least 25 of the Jewelled crab you need this later on, the crab drop  gold keys, you can open the gold key with chest or with ::openallgkey

The next step you wana do is getting bones for 99 prayer, use the command ::celestial or ::frosts kill the dragon and pick up the bones and use them on alter at ::home



Step 3 you have a few options to do next!

Lance minigame you need 50kc! start to go to ::lance and talk with Hells Gatekeeper this is a minigame were you kill training knight to get lances there is 10 different lances you can collect and a hellfire armour set, the Training knights drop lances and give you 1 point each kill, you use the point to buy hellfire armour piece each piece cost 750 points and can be bought from the store (hellpuppy) you can also use the point to upgrade the lances.

The follow lances are!

  • Tier 1 Water lance
  • Drop chance 1/50
  • Tier 2 Lime lance
  • Drop chance 1/50
  • Tier 3 Sun lance
  • Drop chance 1/100
  • Tier 4 Golden lance
  • Drop chance 1/150
  • Tier 5 Forest lance
  • Drop chance 1/200
  • Tier 6 Rose lance
  • Drop chance 1/250
  • Tier 7 Grappes lance
  • Drop chance 1/300
  • Tier 8 Fire lance
  • Drop chance 1/350
  • Tier 9 Night lance
  • Drop chance 1/400
  • Tier 10 Light lance
  • Drop chance 1/450

Each lance has different drop rate and you will need to get tier 1 before you can get tier 2 and so on, make sure to keep the lance in your inventory or better use the new lance you get next tier lance to get better stats. when you get the light lance you need a lucky heaven stone to use on the light lance to make the hellfire lance, this is the best lance you can obtain. If you want to skip getting the next lance you can talk with Upgrade Knight and pay x amount points to get next tier lance i won't suggest you do this but spend the point to buy the hellfire gear.

When you are killing the knight a hellfire boss will randomly spawn this boss has the chance to drop a piece of the hellfire armour and give you 25 point each kill, to see full lance guide click on the link above!


How to obtain lucky heaven stone (lhs) you need to get a heaven stone and a lucky ore to combine it into lucky heaven stone (lhs) these items can be obtained from npc drop or box reward, also you can get them from ::zone reward i will explain how zones work later in the guide.


Tri Boss.

You can also skip the lance minigame and go to ::tri boss in this area there is 3 bosses you can kill!

  • Masterful Ranger
  • Masterful Melee
  • Masterful Mage

Each boss drop a key you can use at the chest in the middle of the zone, if you use a melee key at the chest you get a chance to get a melee armour piece or weapon, but with a lower chance, or you can get all 3 key and use them on chest and have better chance to get a random armour piece of (melee, range, mage) to see the full guide of tri zone click on the link above.



Food and Shield

Before you start killing bosses and do zones its a good idea to get Elysian spirit shield from ::sonic its will help you a lot as a new player.


Also, you want to go to ::tower talk with rick to start tower minigame, this minigame you kill Rick and Morty, there is multi of wave you can complete, for each wave you complete you will get point, when you have 12500 point you can talk with Rick and buy Interdimensional donut, this donut is a nonlimited food and good to always have in your inventory




When you finish with step 1,2,3 and 4 you want to start complete zones. You start to type in ::zones and it will open an interface 


In this interface you see a list of 28 zones you can complete and what reward you can get, each zone has different requirements you need to complete before you can go to the next one etc to get to cave horror you need to complete 1/3 of the Pikachu zone. As i mention before in the guide to start the Pikachu zone you need to kill 25 Jewelled Crab, when you have the 25 kc you can click on the teleport and you get to Pikachu zone, to complete the zone you need to get a Thunderstone, a Pikachu pet and kill 100 Pikachu, each zone have 3 tasks once you complete 1 task you can claim the reward, but to complete the zone you need all 3 task done.

Complete zone will reward you with different rewards these is some of the rewards for the first 5 zones


To see a list of all zones reward click here

When you are new player make sure to have ::thread 11564 open its an overall guide thread with all the useful guides on MagePS

I hope this guide will help you get a good start if you have any question feel free to pm one of the staff members ingame

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great remake!


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Thanks you man im new here very help me out 

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