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Tri zone Guide

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This will be a look into the zone, ::tri and also a small guide

I added some pictures to help... 

the first picture is the entrance to the, ::tri zone with the chest where you'll use the keys 

individual keys are  1:70 chance at items - could be lower ( gives gear baised on the key)

Tri-keys are 1:35 chance at items - could be lower (also more of a chance to get random gear)

usually, keys are guaranteed  cash 

to the north you've got masterful rangers - use Protect range / Deflect range

to the west you have masterful melee -  use protect mage and bring food, - suggest the interdimensional  donut- 

and to the south masterful mages - use deflect / protect mage 

make sure to bring prayer pots !

the second picture contains the keys gained you can combine the three to make one Tri-key






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