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okay so ive been doing some digging lately and found out that blood staff is 300$, my question is why is it that scythe is 400$, blood staff hits WAYYY harder then scythe, its worth more in-game currency, and its 100$ less???? i have a scythe ing and now wanting to get blood staff but will this be nerfed or fixed? or will scythe be buffed higher then blood staff? on REG hits (no spec) i see people hitting double 700k with staff where as even fully upg my scythe will only hit double 500k at max and i have damn good gear, where as i see people with cheap ass gear with staff hitting 700k's????? i just wanna know why staff is 100$ less and clearly WAY more powerful of a weapon or what changes will be made?

please leave comments about what you guys think should happen in this situation!

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No one hits 700ks with trash gear with blood staff maybe with 10x hits on which isn't accurate dmg. Blood staff is $300 because it has been out for months now vs hades scythe hasn't been out that long. It is also much easier in game to acquire a scythe then it is to acquire a blood staff. Ps. Idk why everyone thinks melee should always be bis.:)

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