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Zones Information

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Zones Information

Finishing one zone  - 5% drop rate boost 
Finishing three zones - 5% damage boost 
Finishing five zones - 5% damage boost to one handed weapons 
Finishing seven zones - 10% damage boost to two handed weapons


Finishing 10 zones - 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost 
Finishing 12 zones -  10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate 
Finishing 15 zones - 10% damage reduction, 15 hp boost again, 10% damage increase

Finish 18 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost


Finish 20 Zones - Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30
Finish 22 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase 
Finish 25 Zones - Get a Care Package everyday with random stuff inside to help you on today's day  


One zone - lucky heaven stone and one double str pot 
Three zones - magical mbox and one double str pot
Five zones - 2k donation point box plus $10 rank and two double str 
Seven zones - pet box and two double str 

10 zones - $20 rank 4k points so 2x 2k boxes and one magical box free and three double str 
12 zones - Get a 100% 10% scroll($60 free)
15 zones - $30 rank and 6k d points and 5 double str and two magical mbox and one pet box free 

18 zones - Get a Trophy box for free($40 free) 

20 zones - $40 Rank and 8k d points 
22 zones - Two 100% 10% scrolls 
25 zones - $50 Rank and 10k d points 


More zones and more rewards coming soon 



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