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18/09/19 - Suggestions and Bug fixes for our AMAZING Community!

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This isn't meant to be a very big thread, not at all. We have switched to a new system for updating, Every 2-3 weeks will be major updates. In between those major updates we will also add peoples suggestions and bug fixes they may need. This is all to keep Mage functioning at PEAK performance. 

Bug fixes 

  • Problems new players had with summoning pets 
  • If you finished 10 zones you will have the extra 15 minutes on a potion 
  • Progress bar for gkey will now go up during ::tut
  • We have fixed the hellfire task and you can buy a hellfire piece in shop now to finish it for ::tut
  • Hades is finally fully fixed and very enjoyable to do with your friends! 
  • People were able to summon a new ice dragon while one was summoned and its now fixed
  • Pets and Hellfire boss and other spawned things have stopped running away 
  • And many more bugs fixed which are not disclosed here

Content Updates 

  • 4 People during Hades get the loot, and they have to be in the room and to have contributed to killing Hades
  • ::tri has been added to boss point, making it a good beginner boss, we have also made drop rates 4x easier for items
  • You can now get any lance during ::tut to finish the task
  • We have added a new announcement for when people login, and for new players when they join to check out ::thread 11564 and to check out ::tutc
  • Goku Lag has been fixed, and the zone has been reworked to handle the 30-50+ people doing it now a days
  • We have also limited Goku damage to inside his zone and to not kill players outside of it! 
  • You can sell Hellfire pieces to the shop now for 300 points, still costs 750 to buy! 
  • Diamond donors get 3 extra boss points per kill so 4 total! 
  • Charms are now worth 1b each 
  • Lots of behind the scenes updates have also been done to improve Mage and our staff team :)

Thank you for playing Mage, we have been hitting 130+ players every single day, we are going to keep working hard so we can keep growing! Thank you for all the support and lets make Mage the best! 

Keep your suggestions up, keep reporting those bugs in ::discord, and help make Mage the best for you the community! 

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Awesome Updates!

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