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Automated gambling

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I played a similar server on and off for a few years (as many people here probably did) and that server had automated dice duels and flower poker with a gamble interface to avoid scams and human error.

It would be awesome if there was a way this could be implemented into this game as they are very similar.


i started playing this server around 3 days ago now and I gambled for the first time yesterday,  I’ve already had to use video evidence to prove I won a FP and also to prove someone else logged out without paying out.

Obviously with automated gambling these risks wouldn’t be there and staff could focus on helping players in other situations instead of gambling disputes.

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The problem with automated gambling is the risk of rigging, many other servers have created a bad reputation for automated gambling by having economy cleaners and other forms of foul play. The top servers out right now would never use automated gambling and we won't either 

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