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dc ftw

Dc Ftw- helper

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dc ftw    0


Hours you spend a day on Mage: about 7-10 hours a day i spend on mage ps i cant peel away from it :o. I also joined 8 days ago

Total hours spent on Mage Captureapplication.PNG.09b2255ad72f0949cd44a8641a7c6d33.PNG

Reasons for helping people: i like to help the people as it lets me interact and get to know them also makes people stay and keep interacting with others

Reasons for playing Mage:  love the game and the content keeps me active all day, happy to help anyone with anything, willing to climb them zones and have fun doing it!

Time zone: GMT +00:00

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Satucre    21

Approved for a Helper Trial run :)

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