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[OFFICIAL] Updated Price Guide (Subject to change)

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freaxx99    1

Since Farm God is no longer with us, I will be taking care of the price guide for now.

Recently a lot of players have been referring to price guides, though prices tend to be everchanging, therefore this will be the OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE which will be SUBJECT TO CHANGES AND UPDATES EVERY 3-7 DAYS.  Of course, you may see some people selling below due these prices just because they want to get their items sold quicker, but these are the Average/Real prices for the items, based on Supply/Demand and Rarity in some cases. 

TIP: Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item you're looking for much quicker

Date Updated: 09/09/2019 (Some Minor Changes)



Hailstorm Dagger - 270T

Gem Katana - 700-850T

Omega Katana - 1.6Q - 1.8Q+

Red Lightsaber - 1.8Q - 2Q

Blood Edge Sword - 9Q+ 

HellSlayer Sword (BIS Melee Weapon) - 10Q-12Q

Blood Staff (BIS Mage weapon) - 12Q+

Abyssal Bludgeon (Best Spec Weapon) - 3Q+

Hades Scythe (Best 2H Weapon) - 25Q+



(Armor pieces may be cheaper separately, but worth more as a COMPLETE SET due to SET EFFECTS. Effects can be viewed at the below guide.)

Corrupt Dragon Set (Including Wings) 120T-150T (20-30T per piece)

Lucky Comp Set - 200T-250T (35-45T per piece)

Satucre Set - 250T (50T per piece)

Rage Set - 400T+ (70-80T+ per piece)

Vegeta Set - 2Q (400T per piece)

QBD Set - 10Q+ (Head, Chest, Legs, Gloves,Boots = 900T - 1Q Each separately, Wings are 5Q)

Tyrant Set - 4-5Q

Sexy Schoolgirl Set - 9Q+

Bikini Set - 12Q+

Goku Set (BIS Melee Set) - 35Q+ (5-6Q+ per piece)

Ice/Blood Set (BIS Magic set) - 30Q+ (5Q+ each piece separately)

Black Death Cape - 300T-350T

Darth Vader Cape - 2Q+

QBD Wings - 5Q+ 

Invisible Set (Cosmetics Slot) - 500t-1Q each piece, Full set 5Q-8Q



Teddy bears from Vorago : 10T Each

Lucky Teddy Bear - 200T

Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] - 250T+

Diablo Shield - 500T+

Doom Spirit Shield - 30T+

Saradomin Spirit Shield - 30T+

Pink Spirit Shield - 45T+

DragonBone Spirit Shield - 800T+

Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] - 2Q+

Rage Amulet - 65T+

Torture Amulet - 120T+

Torture (Or) Amulet - 250T-300T

Immortal Charm Amulet (For Drop Rate)- 400T+

Arcane Blast Necklace - 250T+

Soul Amulet - 3Q+

Ring of Wealth - 1-5T

Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] - 85T+

Immortal Band  - 400T+

Tier 13 Berserker Ring - 250T+

Ring of Souls (BIS Ring) - 3Q+




Torment Trophy - 500T - 1Q

Lucky Trophy - 800T - 1Q+

Divine Trophy - 2Q+

Satucre Trophy - 3.5Q+

Demonic Trophy - 4Q+

Hell Trophy - 4Q+

Enraged Trophy - 5Q+

Queen Trophy - 9Q+

Saiyan Trophy - 6Q+

StarWars Trophy - 15Q+

HellQueen Trophy - 15Q+


PETS: (Only posting those which are sold/used frequently)

Agrith Naar - 30T

Satucre - 75T+

Vorago 100T+

Diablo - 750T+

Goku - 1Q+

Pumpkin - 1Q+

Flambeed - 2Q+

Olmlet - 3Q+


MISC Items:

DONATIONS : GENERALLY $10 = 150T-200T Base Rate. 

Weak Gems - 35T+

Strong Gems - 90T+

Godly Gems - 425T+

Heaven Stone - 5T

Lucky Ores - 10T-15T

Lucky Heaven Stone - 20T+

Vote Books - 1-2T 

Turtle Boxes - 5-7T

Turtle Stones - 1K stones = 10T+

Scroll of Cleansing - 15T

Scroll of Efficiency - 15T+

100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll - 600T+

Rainbow Fish - 500M each (2K fish = 1T cash)

XP Lamps - 20-30T each

Ice / Blood keys (used for ice dragon/blood nex raid at ::iced) - Ice Key - 25T / Blood Key 25T+

Drop Catcher: T1 - 100T / T2 - 150T / T3 - 200-250T

Abyssal Bludgeon pieces: Claw - 200-250T / Spine - 1Q / Axon - 1Q

 Double Str/Magic Pots - 10-15T

Double SS Pots - 5T

Interdimensional Donut - 10T

Name Change Scrolls - 50T+

Donator Points - Every 1K Points - 40T+

Pet Boxes - 50T+ 

Magical Mboxes - 100T+

Finest Stone - 45T+

Frenzy Weapons - 8T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell)

Lesser Magical Boxes - 5T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell)

4X XP Ring - 20T

DragonBalls #1 - 7 - 250T+ EACH

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