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Hours you spend a day on Mage: Roughly 5 / 6 hours a day but up to 10 hours during off-days and weekends.

Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 9fdce8eb2737c9f8224021fc6d8aef94.png

Reasons for helping people: I've been an active source of support ever since I've joined the server, I always try to help where I can because I've been through the same struggle learning the completely different and unique server and all of its features and perks. I can relate to a new player and take great pleasure in helping people so that they stay on the server, help the playerbase and the economy.  I'm not saying I know the server inside and out but I feel like I have a thorough knowledge of the basics which I feel would be sufficient for an assisting role on the server.

Reasons for playing Mage: This is the only custom server I've played for more then 5 hours. I am completely hooked! The progression system is amazing and with every kill there's about 4 goals you're working towards which makes grinding exciting to do and I haven't been bored a second whilst doing so. The staff is very interactive with it's players and they do not have an ego or think they're far above other players which I really enjoy because it brings the community together as a whole.

Time zone: PST+10 or GMT+2 (Belgium)

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