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Goku mini guide

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freaxx99    1

This is a quick guide on how to fight Goku and die as little as possible to maximize your damage!

First things firstyou are going to want to be wearing a costume for an extra 5 hp per piece worn. image.png.8719e691396df2381cb0824414d6b141.png

Secondly, if you are a newer player, you should go to ::sonic and obtain an Elysian Spirit Shield image.png.6574bca13f49d67b0ff3d37072241bb8.png

This Spirit shield will give you a high chance of reducing damage by 80%.

However, if you are not so new, or have some money to spend and are lucky to find someone selling, you should most definitely use a DragonBone Spirit Shield image.png.e94fbb3b596041e52f475aa5cc97b905.png

This Spirit shield will reduce all incoming damage by 40%!!


Thirdly, if you are unable to obtain Absorption potions (dropped from Diablo and Ice chest / Blood chest after killing Ice Dragon / Blood Nex) make sure to have some cupcakes image.png.69830b4c51510e9da782ea9cebbdcd0d.png in your inventory or an Interdimensional Donut obtained from Rick and Morty minigame image.png.dd36ece63b862b9685ae3c3ec845536b.png . You are going to want to eat EVERY TIME you are hit, as Goku can hit extremely high and any bit of health helps.


Lastly, any high defence armor is helpful to reduce Goku's maximum hit on you. Check the gear guide HERE for more info on armor's.


And that's about it! Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions for this guide! Enjoy :D 

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