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deepincider    5
Posted (edited)

Hello players of mage!

Another month and another post for staff review!!!

As always, we appreciate any and all kind, or constructive words you have for any and all of our staff members. Please refrain from any flaming or toxicity, as it will not be tolerated. We greatly appreciate everything you have to say so please dont hold back :) The MagePS staff team takes everything on these threads very seriously and will continue to work hard to improve and be the best staff team we can!

Also, if you have no words to say about a staff member, simply put N/A








Farm God:






Turtle King:


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Fe Reggie    2
Posted (edited)


Satucre: Always see you working hard for updates and promotions for donating etc. Keep up the great work brother.

Kion: Never see you on besides sitting afk like twice, don't hear anyone talk about any coding etc. Not hating just saying what i see/hear.

Axo: Never seen you on at all since i've started playing.


Quiet: Always on and helping where its needed and always friendly to all.

Farm God: Haven't seen you much lately but when you're on always friendly and helping out if asked. Doing great for all on here.

TylerMt: When you're on you help out, promote voting and try get people to do good.

Legend: When i've spoken to you you've always been friendly and happy to talk/help, always answering people when questions are asked as per role, doing great brother keep it up.


Rngesus: N/A

Steffio: Always on and helping out great knowledge all round.

Turtle King: Never seen you out of turtles but still know the server well. Always on and helping.

Enigma: Always helping when needed, great guy, friendly to all.

All round great staff team and i enjoy talking to all and helping them when needed with simple consistent questions from newbies etc. Thanks fellas/fellettes if any ladies

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Pinesol    4


Satucre: Always very helpful and super friendly, I can always tend to find you at ::gamble.

Kion: Only seen him active once for like 3 hours so can't give much feedback.

Axo: Never seen online.


Quiet: Very nice and helpful, helps me A LOT with pricing lol which I really appreciate since its hard to find prices for some items.

Farm God: Also a Very nice staff member, I always see him being one of the first to welcome all new players and has really fast reply times if you ever need help!

TylerMt: Never seen online.

Legend: Just like Quiet and Farm God, Legend is an amazing moderator also, he is very help and friendly.


Rngesus: Never Seen Online.

Steffio: Very chill and nice person if you need help about where to locate anything throughout the server.

Turtle King: Very friendly and always always comes in clutch with donating those turtle stones for the community and im very thankful for that man.

Enigma: Never asked him for help but always catch him helping all the new players which is important!

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