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Ding dong ho

Server Support Application

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Hello everyone, Ks amk here. I feel its time I make a application to join the staff team!


I spend about 4-8 active hours a day (4 during the week, 8 on the weekends).

Time zone (PST).

I have 16 days and 17 hours play time!

I like to help as many people as I can mainly because I have always been the new player starting out asking a million questions so I know how it feels to be ignored or not helped. I plan to give everyone who asks for help my full attention and show them the way to success.

I have found myself over the months of playing getting very committed to Mage as a whole. I plan out all of my goals and drops I wish to achieve throughout my day! My main reason for falling in love with Mage would have to be the awesome staff team and amazing players; Mage has such a beautiful community! My overall purpose for my application is to help and keep this great community close and great for time to come!




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