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Freaxx99 - Server Support Application

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Hours you spend a day on Mage: 4-5 Hours weekday, 4-12 Hours weekend

Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 238 Hours 47 Minutes (photo attached)

Reasons for helping people: Always had a knack for helping people. I was a mod on a server around 8 years ago and loved it to death, but the server died and so I lost my position, which I held for 6 months. I was a lifeguard when I was young and I loved it because it gave me good opportunities to help others (learn to swim, save from drowning (did this once), handle injuries (did this a few times). I have worked customer service for a few years as well (2.5 years at Gamestop, 1.5 of those years as a Senior Guest Advisor which meant I had keys to the store and larger responsibilities) and I loved being able to converse with and help others every single day. I love to answer questions and provide assistance to others. I was a big part in raising my little siblings as I was 9 when the first was born. I could go on and on but basically I just love to help others. I get a form of happiness from making others happy and solving problems. 

Reasons for playing Mage: First ever server I have played that was solely based on customs, and I love that about Mage. I love that the playerbase is large (95 online at the time of typing this) and consistent. After only a few hours of playing I immediately felt like this server deserved my support, so I donated my first $50. Only took me a couple of more hours to donate $75 more. The grind is fun and the zones help keep an order to the chaos. Love the drop rate boosts, the vote boosts, and the double potions (not many servers have these). The community is pretty chill and there are many regulars which I do like. EDIT: 24 July 2019; Up to $600 donated from myself now, the new update brought much more into the server to enjoy. I just cant get enough of the grind!

Time zone: CEST (Frankfurt, Germany Time Zone) 


EXTRA INFO ABOUT ME: (I know this isn't technically a part of the application, which is why I have this at the bottom.)

I am currently serving in the United States Air Force in Europe. My specialty is working on security for Routers, Switches, and Firewalls as well as coding them completely to set up phone and internet networks and I also hold a Security + certification that I worked hard to obtain. I am 22 years young (23 in October) and am married. I do not have children (yet). If you would like any more information from me, please don't hesitate to ask. I am available on Discord 99% of the time.

I have also made 2 guides, a price guide and a basic mini guide to Goku. The price guide is thread 11565 and the Goku guide is thread 11577.



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helped me get started and guided me through forums. Very helpful individual

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