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Server Support Application - Zoldy

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Zoldy    0

Hours you spend a day on Mage: Week days 3 to 4 hours, Weekends 8-15h.
Total hours spent on Mage:w63JMea.png 

Reasons for helping people: People enjoy playing more if they feel they are part of the community and I talk a lot when playing, always having conversations with many diferent players. I feel I have the Knowledge to give the support needed by most players and the patience to guide even the newest one. 

Reasons for playing Mage: The content isnt so repeatable, there is real ways to make cash without donating, community is cool and I'm excited for future updates. Also feel the player base is very well heard by the owners. 

Time zone: GMT -3 Brazil (Can also give portuguese support - translation) 

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