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Hello, Zoldy here

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Hi, my name here is Zoldy, previously known as Calamity
The name comes from the assassin family in HunterxHunter Zoldyck, which I used as a name before but everyone just kept calling me just Zoldy so I decided to embrace it. 

I'm from Brazil, age 24 (as of this Saturday), studying business administration having previously studied engineering. 
Started playing
MagePS about 2 months ago, tried in January but not for long, now I came back and find it a lot more fun. 
Made some friends already but still want to make many more, while I play
 Mageps I like to watch shows about serial killers and comedies like The Office and am currently viewing It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the first time now, also horror movies (monsters and assassins no ghost bullshit), I also seen many animes tho now I often rewatch instead of seeing new ones. I like to lift weights even tho this year I couldn't do much cus of new job and college, also got Injured quite a bit this past year. 
I work on a psychologic clinic for children with autism and other disturb, I just manage it tho very little contact other than play a little with the kids. 
Hope to get to know you all better in the future, see you in game.


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