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05/06/2019 - Be your own Icon, Gamble Tournaments, Voting

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Satucre    16


There is a lot of reasons this update took this long, and I mean a lot. We spent months making all these updates on the server and it all led this update, as we are nearing our checklist we had from the start of Mage. We wanted to get this out of the way before the Mass Marketing we will be doing these next few months. 

This update was in the making from when we first saw people playing, our goal in mind was to get rid of ::req and replace it with something more interesting, more fun, AND MORE PURPOSE. It was an out-dated concept that had many ways to improve. For it to improve we had to choose the right time to do it and make other updates before it. May was a month of finals and we knew it would be perfect for us to finally execute one of the last final things on our checklist we had from the start. 

This update had lots and I mean LOTS of hard work put into it, it may seem simple, but this update re-worked the whole backbone of Mage, this backbone is what made Mage what it is, but to make it better and up the bar was going to be hard, but we think we accomplished it with this update.


Zones are finally out and they are split into multiple new parts. Each zone would need 1/3 of a zone complete to unlock a new zone, some zones have other requirements like finishing 100% of a zone and other things.




Zone Rewards and Perks

You might of been wondering, whats the point of finishing a zone 100% of the way if we already get another zone unlocked. Well with a total of 22 zones out right now, there is 15 zone competition rewards, and rewards/perks for finishing specific zones. This is how we are fixing all of the dead content and our first step to re-working it. The next being better drops and etc. Also as more zones are added so will more Perks and rewards be added, possibly an expansion to 20+ next :) 

This is also a reward for grinding! The more zones you finish the more free donation ranks you can get, up to $60 Free total donated is being given out. THIS IS UNHEARD OF, but yes we did it, for you guys THE PLAYERS!

Perks for the zones
Finishing one zone  - 5% drop rate boost 
Finishing three zones - 5% damage boost 
Finishing five zones - 5% damage boost to one handed weapons 

Finishing seven zones - 10% damage boost to two handed weapons 
Finishing 10 zones - 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost 

Finishing 12 zones -  10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate 
Finishing 15 zones - 10% damage reduction, 15 hp boost again, 10% damage increase 

Rewards for the zones 
One zone - lucky heaven stone and one double str pot 
Three zones - magical mbox and one double str pot
Five zones - 2k donation point box plus $10 rank and two double str 

Seven zones - pet box and two double str 
10 zones - $20 rank 4k points so 2x 2k boxes and one magical box free and three double str 

12 zones - either a trophy box or one 100% 10% scroll
15 zones - $30 rank and 6k d points and 5 double str and two magical mbox and one pet box free 

Other zone completion perks 
Rage Vorago zone finish means no hammer anymore needed to smash the Vorago your expertise automatically kills it 

Vegeta zone perk - get 10% damage increase on goku 
Lucky knight zone perk - 7% drop rate when complete zone 
Turtle zone - get one extra turtle stone in your inventory per turtle kill you get

$ Gamble Tournaments $

We wanted more group activities and events just like you guy's gather at ::goku we want tournaments to be another awesome gather spot to compete with all your friends 

The prize being one Magical Box and 50t and it would happen every 8 hours. This is for people to get their gamble fix in without risking anything and only gain something in the end!

This is also with flower poker rules, and we avoided making the plants automated, making the plants and the fate in your hands. This will also teach you the rules of flower poker and help you gamble in the future and help avoid getting scammed.


Lance upgrading 

We have now released a new update to lances and past Golden you can now use points to upgrade your lance, golden being 1k points and night to light being 2k. We have also added a new cute little hellfire NPC pet, we wanted to do a hellpuppy, but let us know if we should change it to Hellpuppy or not :)


Other content updates and bug fixes

  • More Dueling bug fixes, so it should be much safer to do now at ::gamble
  • Vote event now for every 10 votes it will give buffs(more in-depth next update thread)
  • All the remaining donation store issues from when it launched 
  • All zones were re-worked that had NPC issues and all NPC's should be attackable now, this includes kril. turtles, jolteon are just some examples
  • We re-did some pathing which will now make all NPC's attack big or small and should never be an issue again!





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Farm God    3

Really awesome update!  Epic rewards and perks for committing to the grind. Thanks for yet another great and content-packed update!!

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Guest TheReaper12   
Guest TheReaper12

Damm nice update. I wished black ops 4 had so much content in one update, haha.

keep up the good work.

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Tooka    0

Looks great! Good job devs!

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Guest War/Rick   
Guest War/Rick

This is a really cool update I look forward to testing it out man. Also if we already have had these drops does it count towards the zone?


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