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Same starter guide just little bits added on

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Hello all new starters here I will be making a guide for you all to follow which I hope can help you 

out a lot on your adventure through mageps, any feedback would be appreciated here we go.


at first when you join the server you will be stood here where I am with a default skin etc, then you will also be give the option of

regular player/ iron man/ hc iron man. you will then be given some dragonmage starting gear 50m coins

and 3 lesser magical boxes (caskets) picture below.



please be aware that if you choose to make a hardcore ironman and if you die you will fully reset (lose everything). normal iron man and 

reg players when you die you will not lose any items :)

step 2: the next step you want to take is to go to ::ckey and get some crystal keys there you can get some okay starting gear. then once 

you get some crystal keys you can use them on the chest and get various items. you can also do ::openallckey/::openallgkey with the keys in first inv slot.



I would say get your combat levels to 125 (max skill level for all skills) then once you have reached 125 in the combat stats 

move on to ::gkey  there you will find some jewelled crabs and these drop the golden keys, where you can also use the golden keys 

on the chest which can drop some decent starting gear. 

moving on if you need bones and your prayer level is low and if you do not have  500 ::npckills you can go to ::celestial or ::Frosts, shown below and pick there bones up.



but if you have 500 ::npckills you can go to ::horror and pick the horror bones up (best bones ingame) then I would say to get about 100 horror bones then teleport to ::home and use the bones on the altar.




here I am showing you where to use your celestial/frost or horror bones on the altar located @ ::home you can also use double xp pot and a 2x 3x or 4x xp ring to help you gain more levels faster than it will without the rings and xp pots



this is ::gkey and these are the golden keys in my inventory I will now show you the starting gear you want to get from this chest 






here ^ is the attack bons defence bonus and str bonus for this gear setup it is recommended that you try to get this setup before progressing further.

once you have this starter setup you will want to go to ::lance ro you can just run west from the ::gkey chest and talk to the hellsgatekeeper, you will need 50 ::npckills to enter

so just kill some of the ::ckey fairys or ::gkey crabs until u get 50 ::npckills then talk to the hellsgatekeeper again and he should teleport you to the minigame.





when the gatekeeper teleports you, you will end up here but in gear and as you can see in my inventory is the first lance you can get (water lance). the hellpuppy infront of me

you can buy hellfire armour from him at 750 points a piece these points can be gained from just killing the knights or when the boss spawns,

he has about 40k hp and everytime killed gives 25 points and a rare chance of dropping a piece of hellfire armour, I would recommend getting the hellfire armour

as it is very easy to aquire and very good for new starts as 1.7k str bonus per piece. but before progressing I suggest getting atleast sun lance then go to ::gorak


here I am at ::gorak where u can get divine torva pieces which is also a decent set to have as a starter, you can also get a ring of wealth that gives a 10% drop rate towards your ::mydroprate picture will be shown below with ::goraks drop table.




after getting full divine torva and a row I suggest going back to ::lance and getting the rest of the lances it will be a grind for some or a walk in the park for others.

it is annoying but all worth it at the end when you get that hellfire lance (light lance upgraded).




here above are all the lances you are aiming to get starting at water, lime, sun, golden, forest, rose, grapes, fire, night then light but in the pick its hellfire.

you will receive all the lances in that order but thanks to the drop rate that has been added to lance minigame people tend to get light lance in about 4-6k kills, some even before 3k if you're very lucky, after acquiring all the lances it is now time for you to work on your ::reqs starting at ::Pikachu


here I am at ::Pikachu they have very little health and are very easy to kill but when you kill any make sure you look out for drops as they do not appear in chat,

but the main 2 drops you want to be looking out for are the Pikachu pet to progress and the thunderstone the thunderstone can then be used on pika pet and turned 

into a raichu pet.



here is the bottom part of the Pikachu drop table showing the thunderstone and pika pet, you can get a lot of different items aswell but the pet and stone are the main drops to look out for. after you have acquired the Pikachu pet from ::Pikachu you can then move on to killing ::ninja.



once you have 150 ::npckills ninja you can then teleport to ::mbox when you get to ::mbox you will need to get 25 mystery boxes as a drop for the reqs of jolteon 

you can check your progress with the boxes by doing ::reqs then go down to jolteon and it will tell you how many boxes you still need to get, once you have acquired the 25 mystery boxes you can then tele to jolteon via ::reqs or do ::jolteon


here at jolteon you are only wanting to get the kills required to kill evil turnip where 250 ::jolteon kills are required to be able to progress onto ::Eturnip 


here I am at ::Eturnip where you are required to get 250 kills to enter lucky knights and the armour etc will put what you need to get, down below also if you want to go to ::luckyknight2 ::luckyknight4 or the zone 2 on ::reqs you are required to get 1000 evil turnip kills plus once you get all pieces needed you don't need to get them again for zone 2.  if you buy pieces from other players for reqs you will need to talk to the milestone guy on the bridge and hand them to him.


for the rest of the reqs to enter ::luckyknight you will need to get as a drop or buy from players: evil legs/ body/ wings/ claws (not upgraded)/ hood/ whip (upgraded) and evil emulet if you get a normal evil whip (not upgraded) as a drop and you have a evil vine you can use the vine on the whip to make it upgraded.


here are the majority of the drops from evil turnip ^ once you have all the reqs done for ::luckyknight yo can now kill luckyknights.


when you arrive here ::luckyknight just start to attack them be warned though they do drain prayer and can hit hard sometimes but one of the easiest bosses ingame the drops you are looking for from these are the lucky comp set (pl8/legs/helm/gloves/boots)/ lucky teddy bear and ring of life both teddy and ring are the best drops from these and you will start to make money from this stage onwards.


some of the drops from luckys are trash like the mainhand and offhand sword and the lucky ore but the lucky ore can be used on a heaven stone to make a lucky heaven stone  to upgrade ring of life,teddy shield and lot more items, the drop table above shows the main items you are aiming to get not the main hand sword though.


this zone is ::luckyknight2 and ::luckyknight4 both of which can be entered once reached 1000 evil turnip kills.


this is what the lucky comp armour looks like with and without the lucky teddy the str bonus for both setups will be shown below



as you can see above the set without the lucky teddy has 9k str bonus by itself and is a good set to have after hellfire armour als you can see is the set with the lucky teddy which has 2.4k more str which Is pretty good for starting out the cost of the set by itself is 200-250t and the lucky teddy (not upgraded is around 140t (upgraded version) can be anywhere from 180t -250t pretty expensive to new players but you will get there eventually :) 


the above pictures both show the drop rate with and without teddy as you can see it is a bonus 2% for each lucky piece you have and 15% for the whole set bu then if you have the lucky teddy aswell it is a extra 20% so total of 35% bonus drop rate just for having the full lucky set and teddy

Also whats good about lucky knights is that if you have not unlocked them or not done the ::reqs for luckyknights yet, every day the boss of the day gets changed and it could be luckyknights where you do not need any requirements to kill them and can grind them until the next boss of the day comes hopefully you will get some Gucci items while grinding knights through botd (boss of the day) 

also a lot of people don't know about boss tasks but if you go to ::slayer and then run north until you see boss task guy talk to him and choose a boss you would like to grind to get a bounty scroll the bounty scrolls give items that are dropped from the boss you are killing but you are required to get 501 kills before you can obtain the scroll will add pictures below showing boss task guy.





that is the end of this guide and I hope it will help a lot of you new starters out or players already playing 

but a thanks to baron aswell for helping me along this guide at the start couldn't have done it without him. 

please leave a like and some feedback will be very much appreciated :).

I am pvm n stake I have just changed my name haven't continued it on pvm n stake because ive forgot the password, but here is a little add on to the guide, just because I love helping all you newbies below I have added the attendance guy which when you speak to can claim your daily attendance. each and every day you attend you get these rewards the more days you attend the better the rewards so always remember to check the attendance npc for your daily reward these rewards are very useful or can be sold for a fair price whatever you want to do with them but overall I hope you enjoy your time at mage :).





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sorry bois I some how cant add screenshots or edit this post I have no idea why but just read what I have said about attendance guy im sure you will understand where I am coming from the attendance guy is based at home btw but always pm me ingame or on disc if you need any help, enjoy the guide :)

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LOL. good job buddy :D

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