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Tater Thot

Drop party 5/23/2019

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Tater Thot    0

I participated in the drop party at ::home
but the items i was suppose to collected did not show in my inventory for some reason...
I want my prizes nao! reeeeeeee

Screenshot_1.png.49679ecd3d4a9c41a8a1fb959ac82bb4.pngFirst 2 items i never received

Screenshot_2.png.e024cbb11b544e7edf276e666375ff0a.png also where is the 2x ring?

Screenshot_3.png.f4e3ad8801abb7814c1274883c6427eb.pngI received the turtle gloves, but not the 3x ring... wtf

Screenshot_4.png.a4af8627ff38f8f19c80a8ac4ce627eb.pngthese are the only 2 items i received out of all the prizes i was promised!

What now huh?
FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT..... Fix it....

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Agony    7

Items that are dropped during the event show up on the floor, not automatically in the inventory. Unless this has been changed since release of the npc that makes the party start. 

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Satucre    16

Either you had two accounts on which isn't allowed, or someone else popped that balloon with the prize at the same time as you which is most likely possible as seen there the panda guy got the same prizes as you, and server gave him the prize instead.

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