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Lance Minigame

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cruw    14

Hello MagePS!

Today I will be going a bit more in depth about the lance minigame we have on our server.

First, To enter this minigame head to ::slayer or ::gkey and locate the Hellfire Gatekeeper NPC - he has animated lava armor and is very hard to miss!



In this minigame you will see many players, but more importantly, Training Knights. For every Training Knight killed, you will recieve one hell point. These points can be used to buy Hellfire armor, which is a great early/mid game armor set. With no set effect, but it still has a great strength bonus of 11.5k!

( Each piece of hellfire gear is 750 points PER piece )

Each of these knights will also have a chance to spawn a Hellfire Boss when killed, the bosses have no chance of dropping a lance, but they do have a chance to drop a random piece of hellfire armor. Once the boss is killed, it will always reward 25 hell points!

Training Knights have chances at dropping lances. In order to progress through the differant types of lances, the previous lance must be obtained first, and be in the players inventory or equipped.

( Water Lance requires no previous lance drop as it is the 1st lance you will achieve )

You can also use points to upgrade the lance if you have enough points and don't want to keep grinding! 

Tier 1: Water Lance

Drop Chance: 1/50

Tier 2: Lime Lance

Drop Chance: 1/50

Tier 3: Sun Lance

Drop Chance: 1/100

Tier 4: Golden Lance

Drop Chance: 1/150

Tier 5: Forest Lance

Drop Chance: 1/200

Tier 6: Rose Lance

Drop Chance: 1/250

Tier 7: Grappes Lance

Drop Chance: 1/300

Tier 8: Fire Lance

Drop Chance: 1/350

Tier 9: Night Lance

Drop Chance: 1/400

Tier 10: Light Lance

Drop Chance: 1/450


Once the light lance is received as a drop. You can use a Lucky Heaven Stone ( Which is created by using a heaven stone and a lucky ore together ) to upgrade the Light Lance into the Hellfire Lance. Which will add a special attack to the weapon, a new ascetic to the weapon and a whopping 2.5k STR bonus!


Congrats! you have just completed the Lance Minigame and are ready to head over to ::vorago,::corp or work on your ::reqs for some great gear and upgrades from ::luckyknight

I hope this little guide helped you, or gave you some extra information on the minigame!

Thanks for reading!

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XsFact    0

odds are wrong for light lance i am on 600 kills and no light lance guide is saying 1/450?

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Oni    0

1500 kills and only have water lance :)

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