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Loot from 2,500 Vegeta Kills

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Loot from 2,500 Vegeta Kills




Starting from 1,800 total Vegeta kills, I will finish the total killcount at 3,500 kills. I will begin this grind by committing myself to 150-200 kills per day.  This goal will take a maximum of 17 days to complete, while the minimum amount of time will be 13 days. Note: some days I may not reach the goal of at least 150 kills, but the missing kills will be added to the next day's total kill goal. Additionally, some days I may reach more than 200 kills in one day. Therefore, finishing the entire 2,500 in 10 days will be optimistic. I will post a screenshot of the rare drops respective to the kill count the item was obtained. For the non-rares, I will show a loot tab every 250 kills. This adventure is made solely for the purpose of entertainment, as well as giving newer players an insight to the Vegeta boss.


Let the grind begin.





Rare drops / killcount at end of day's grind





If there is another boss in which you would like to see loot from 2,500 kills, please notify me! (Vaping, Vaper in-game)

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good luck brother.


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