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Drop Rate Guide

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Drop Rate Guide


Game Mode Bonuses

(Those will not double with Double Drop Rate Event)

Group Ironman: 50% base drop rate bonus.

Ironman: 55% base drop rate bonus.

HardCore Ironman: 70% base drop rate bonus.

.: Can choose between those 3 when you first make account :.

Elite Ironman: 150% base drop rate bonus.

.: Elite mode is made by Elite Master, need first 50k killcount :.


Google Authenticator Bonus

::2fasetup - to set up Account Security with Google Authenticator.


Enter the code manually and do ::finish2fa to enable it.

After finishing it - gives 3% extra drop rate bonus.


Grinding / Daily Attendance Bonus

NPC kills: 1% every 500 kills, max 20% drop rate = 10k killcount.

Daily Attendance: 1% every day up to 10% drop rate bonus = 10 days.


Drop Rate Pets

Pikachu: Drop from ::pikachu, 10% drop rate below 5k kc, 5% after 5k kc.

Raichu: Upgraded with thunderstone from ::pikachu, 10% below 5k kc, 7% below 10k kc, 5% after 10k kc.

Drunk Slave, Whore, Mixer Pet (Pet Box): 8% drop rate bonus.

Diablo Pet (Pet Box): Random 1-10% drop rate bonus per kill + cuts the QBD/Phantom set effect cool down in half.

Giant Squirrel Pet (Pet Box): 2% chance to deal moderate bonus damage on each hit + 5% drop rate + 2% chance to take no damage when you get hit.

Olmlet Pet (Pet Box, Magical Box): 5% chance to deal huge bonus damage on each hit + 1% chance to inflict a burning effect on each hit AND random 1-20% drop.

Satucre Pet (Pet Box, Rage Vorago Scroll): 14% drop rate.

Tormented Demon Pet (Pet Box): 15% drop rate bonus at tormented demons (::tds)

Pumpkin Pet (Pet Box): 20% drop rate.


Ring / Amulet Bonuses

Ring of Wealth: 10% drop rate.

Lucky Ring of Life [UnBreakable]: From Lucky Knights, Fixed with Ice Diamond and upgraded with Lucky Heaven Stone.

.: (1k killcount = 1%, caps at 15% drop rate = 15k kc) :.

Immortal Band: Combined Bring T13, LRoL [UnB], Turtle Ring.

.: (2k kc = 1%, caps at 20% drop rate = 40k kc) :.

Immortal Charm: Combined  Trimmed Amulet T10, Rage Amulet, Arcane Stream Necklace.

(5% droprate + Random (0-5%)

Scroll of Efficiency: adds 0-10% each use on ring (max 5 uses with 0% not adding to count)

100% 10% Drop rate Scroll (Donator Shop): 100% chance to add 10% Drop Rate to RoW or LRoL.

Scroll of cleansing: Resets all DR gain from 5 uses.


Donator Status

10$ Donator: 5% Drop Rate Boost

25$ Super Donator: 10% Drop Rate Boost

50$ Extreme Donator: 15% Drop Rate Boost

125$ Legendary Donator: 20% Drop Rate Boost

250$ Divine Donator: 30% Drop Rate Boost

500$ VIP: 40% Drop Rate Boost

SPONSOR: 50% Drop Rate Boost


Gear Bonuses

Lucky Teddy, From Lucky Knights, 20% Drop Rate

Lucky Teddy [Upgraded]: (Upgraded with Lucky Heaven Stone) - 32%, need every slot filled, even arrow slot for that.

Lucky Completionist Set:  2% each piece; set bonus adds additional 15% = 25%

Lucky Completionist Offhand, Mainhand - 2% each.

Obiwan Set: 25% Drop Rate Set Bonus, with Obiwan pet extra 31%


Slayer Helm Bonuses

(Effective only on slayer task kills)

Slayer Helmet: 1%

Bronze Slayer Helmet: 2%

Iron Slayer Helmet: 3%

Steel Slayer Helmet: 4%

Black Slayer Helmet: 5%

Mithril Slayer Helmet: 6%

Adamant Slayer Helmet: 7%

Rune Slayer Helmet: 8%

Dragon Slayer Helmet: 9%

Lava Slayer Helmet: 10%

Lime Slayer Helmet: 13%

Barrows Slayer Helmet: 20%

(2 Lime Slayer Helmets combined)

Shadow Slayer Helmet: 33%

(2 Barrows Slayer Helmets combined)

Gilded Slayer Helmet: 50%

(2 Shadow Slayer Helmets combined)

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