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Agony's Support Application

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Agony    6
Posted (edited)

Hours you spend a day on Mage: I spend anywhere between 6 to 10 hours a day actively playing the server, sometimes 12-14 when not working.

Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): image.png.17d3d26134e92058640b4f96ccc9acbd.png

Reasons for helping people: I've always enjoyed helping players out, in any game that I've ever played. People expect to see helpful players in a community and that's generally the first impression they're going to have in a game.

Reasons for playing Mage: MagePS is the first custom server that I have tried and actually stuck with. I more or less play for the friends and the community here. I login to grind alongside the friends I've made and just talk in the chats and on discord. This is also the first and only RSPS that I've ever played that I've liked enough to donate more than $10 to. I'm at $300 total right now with more than $300+ more coming. 

Time zone: I'm currently in the -5 GMT timezone. I'm typically online from 9pm on-wards until 2-3 AM.

Experience: I don't necessarily have any RSPS experience, but I was\am a moderator of /r/wow on Reddit, which has 1 million active subscribers. I'm very good with people on and off of the internet. I work in a customer relations department and I'm consistently dealing with people on a day to day basis. I also was a forum moderator and then an administrator of Zybez forums, from 2009 to 2015. I have extreme extensive knowledge of IPB forums, admin CP, and managing forums.

P.S: I'm really hoping to join this staff team and help grow the server. I have a lot of suggestions and ideas that I have been continually posting in Discord and directly to the developers. I also have ideas to completely revamp the forums, rework the entire loyalty systems, and countless other ideas. I really, really want to help out. I am extremely eager to help, and I am extremely active. 


Edited by Agony
Edited with more information, and updated playtime info.

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owo it madi    0

+1 Very nice and cute cx

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Lycaon    0

All together this is an very nice application, however i feel like the staff has plenty of staff for the amount of players it currently has.


in my honest opinion i would say Vouched for once more staff is required.

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