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Agony    7
Posted (edited)

This is something that I like posting on every forum that I visit. I love seeing computer setups, wallpaper setups, etc. 

Take a picture of your desk and let me see it!

Here's my wallpaper. The character in the middle looks better on my monitor, because there's a bezel in-between both monitors. You'll see in the other photo. 


Desk without flash on:



With Flash on:




My prized possession(Happy Birthday limited edition AUTOGRAPHED art from Blizzard Entertainment. I was a mod on /r/wow for 4 years, this was my "stepping down gift" when I posted that I was no longer apart of the mod team. A few of the Customer Service reps from Blizzard reached out to me on Reddit asking if I wanted something for my "service" to the community for what I did for 4 years. I was blown away when the gift showed up. 



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Sociopath    3

ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


love the set up :) glad you cleaned up the cheeto dust though

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