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21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

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Satucre    16


Happy Easter Everyone! This event is for everyone who loves Easter and obtaining Easter items

We worked hard to bring an event that is fun and that can be done with all your friends! 

It will be up for the next 3-4 weeks and we expect everyone to join in on the fun.

1st person to get each of the items will get 5k donor points and $25 total donated

1st person to get all 4 items will get 25k donor points or 20 Magical Mystery Boxes and you will get $125 total donated

Easter Map And Event!


Brand new items 


Easter Bunny Pet - Flambeed effect, restores 40 hp every 15 game ticks so 9 seconds


Easter 2019 Bunny Ears - 

Easter 2019 Rubber Chicken - Attacks as fast a Lance, 2500 str bonus. Good weapon to farm before lance grind? Might be buffed if too weak


Easter 2019 Basket of Eggs - Acts as a shield slot, and will cover your main hand weapon so you run around with a basket of eggs! Run around with a cool walk animation and get the benefit of having a Dragonbone spirit shield for FREE THIS EASTER!




Ways to Obtain Eggs - More added every single day

Kill Bunnies at ::easter for 1-3 eggs per kill

Kill 500 Bunnies and a Easter Bunny Mama will spawn and give everyone whos killing it 50 eggs 

Kill Goku and get 10 eggs for it 

Complete a 500 Kill Boss Task and claim your scroll and you will be given 100 eggs for it


Magical Boxes ARE OUT 

With tons of amazing loot

Head to the donator store to snag a box for only $5 

Trophy Boxes ARE OUT

Randomly Get one Trophy from the Box

Head to the donator store to snag a box for only $50

Scroll of Efficency 100% for 10% drop rate is OUT

Use it on a ring and get 10% drop rate 100%! With 5 slots you can get 50% max

Head to the in-game Donator store and buy one for 12.5k donor points

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Demon hunter crossbow effect removed from game
  • Bikini and School girl set pieces have been boosted +50 str bonus
  • Costume banking for Staking has been fixed
  • Anyone who leaves the Staking ring now will lose and other fail-safes
  • Goku spawn information is now on the player tab
  • Vegeta Drop potential is now 120 kills to get 1%
  • Name Changing has been fixed 
  • Lots of junk from donor store has been removed
  • Casket changed into Lesser Magical box 
  • Evil claws fix for handing in 
  • Adding people on ignore will now prevent ALL messages from getting to you, clan chat, pm, public, ANYTHING
  • Hellfire armor is now un-tradable
  • Infinite supplies for pots has been added to the game, and more infinite supplies if requested will be added to other things
  • Iron man group inviting has been re-looked at and fixed
  • Boss of the day scrolls will now be given even if you log out and stuff
  • Ref system has been re-done and more efficient now
  • Client has changed the symbol and will be matching our new website

Thank you for reading guys

And once again Happy Easter to all of you from the Mage family!


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Agony    7

Amazing update! Love the server!

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quiet    0

i like it!


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Reave    0

Thanks for the event!


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Sociopath    3

woohoo! can't wait to try out this Easter thing :) I plan to be the first with everything 

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ricknmorty    2


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