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Smulme's Staff Application

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Hours you spend a day on Mage: ill spend around 5-15h depends on how much work i have to do cause im a farmer irl. 



Reasons for helping people:I enjoy helping people that needs to solve their problems. Helping a guy in need makes me feel better and everytime someone asks for help ill gladly help them with their problem. Good community makes everything better.

Reasons for playing Mage:Well i kinda love that here is other stuffs than in original runescape it makes the game much enjoyable and i love how the game work that is why i have donated alot cause i like how the staff is active all the time and how the owner also is active all the time. And the most i love that you can put whatever on you and make custom clothes on you and look cool

Time zone:UTC +2

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Don't have much information on you, but i've seen you around, good luck 

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I have seen u in game but as for how active and helpful you are that i can't comment on as i am unsure. I will remain neutral for now until i can give better feed back good luck. :)


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