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29/03/19 - Boss Trophies/Heads, New Anims, Horror Tower + MORE!

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cruw    14


Greetings all MagePS players! and welcome to yet another amazing update thread. Some major changes and updates have hit! and even more to follow!

Boss Heads

Take out your bossing frustrations with the new Boss Head Mechanic! All players now have a 1/5000 chance to savagely decapitate the boss your slaying and boast their heads as your own trophy. Each head can be crafted into a trophy for some POWERFUL bonuses. From stealing hp per hit, to flat damage % increases, boss trophies will not only make you an absolute powerhouse...but also allow you to show any boss, whos boss ;)




Tired of walking around MagePS like a pleb? Check out the brand new animations! using the command ::openanim , all players now have access to brand new animations for teleporting, walking, standing, death and most importantly DANCING. With nearly 20 new animations in total this is some serious style points for any player. These flashy new animations can be earned via donor ranks, donation points and last but certainly not least LOYALTY POINTS! That's right save up those hard earned points and you can get FREE animations just for playing the server!


Omen Maul Changes

Omens maul is finally a 1 handed weapon! meaning you can now swap to it without un-equipping your beloved dragon-bone spirit shields or lucky teddy bears! The quest has also been removed, the new method of receiving this smashing weapon ( see what I did there ;D ) is just by using the command ::omen, talk to the omen NPC and he will give you a free omen maul. The only requirement to obtain it is to have 2500 npc kills.

Horror Tower


Hold onto your flim flam and your plumbus ladies and gentlemen, Rick needs your help to fix his discombobulator in the Horror Tower minigame! There are now two modes in this hellish challenge, normal mode for all you who enjoy a method to the madness. And endless mode, which is not for the feign of heart, make sure you grab your cupcakes and your best gear because you are in for a challenge fit for only the galaxies finest!



Bug Fixes

- Item exchanged dupe as been patched

- The new Rick NPC had his dialog  fixed for the new Horror Tower mini-game

- You can now click through pets, meaning they will no longer get in the way while bossing/killing





Sneak Peek ;D

A quick special thanks to Satucre and Kion for making these amazing bosses and zones, buckle up MagePS, because these bosses are no easy feat to kill

New Ice Dragon boss mechanics and zone are completed

Watch out for that icicle :P


New Blood Queen boss mechanics and zone are completed



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cluck    5

Those bosses look beautiful and great work especially the 1h omen maul!!!!

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ZEpixota    8

Damn ass great update

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BigDawg    0

:o I cant wait!! 

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