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04/03/2019 - Boss Collections, fixes and more!

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Virax    13

Hello the glorious souls of MagePS

We have another amazing update for you all to enjoy! Buckle up here we go!

All those who are having banned login issues please pm Axo in discord and he will attend promptly!

Boss Collections!

Yes that's right! You can now collect and record all your drops you get from your boss drops and brag how many you got of each!

Simply go to your player stat screen and click the boss collections button.



it will display a list of all bosses on the left, the top player in the middle and the items from said boss and the amount on the right.
You will also have a personal best score on the amount of NPC's you have killed.

Wait?! the player stat screen has changed?! - Yes! yes it has! lets take a quick look!


Player Stat's tab

We have taken a look into this tab and re vamped it so it is a bit easier to maneuver and displays the stats a little better and in real-time so it is easier to keep track of everything. Including what we mentioned above, the boss collections.



Much nicer layout and pretty self explanatory :)

I hear you guys in the back over there.
There's not many animations in the game. I wish there was a way to gain more.

Ask no longer! We have a sneak preview of some new stuff that the Dev crew are working on for us to have in game!

Animation Manager Sneak Peak

That's right guys, the Dev team are currently working on an animation management system where you can unlock and earn different styles of animations and emotes to use in game!


This is currently a working project and keep looking to see more updates on this as we go along!

Quality of life updates

- Weak, Strong, Godly magical gem stones - fixed.
- Upgrade notifications incorrectly notifying - fixed.
- Attendance claiming - fixed.
- Boss of the day/Boss task working incorrectly for Vorago fixed.
- Referral casket rewards changed to 2. (Up from 1)
- Boss killing not giving points correctly - fixed.
- Iron-man Shop now resets 1st day of every month.
- Agility requirement for Sat Boss fire entry now level 1. (Down from 120)
- Iron-man command implemented to allow them into drop-parties.

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Iron Pog    3

Great updates as usual. Well done on the thread too.

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Baron    1

Nicely done thread and great updates, glad to have so much bugs fixed.. :)

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