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Official Rules

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MagePS Official Rules & Punishments

- No Impersonating Staff:
This will result in the account being banned. Multiple times IP ban.

- No flaming over yell or clan chat:
This will result in a temporary mute. Multiple offenses perm mute.

- No scamming:
Scammer will be banned. If it's multiple times IP ban. Must have sufficient evidence.

- No Bug abuse:
If you reported a bug, no action will be taken. if you continue to abuse you will be banned.

- Improper use of "Help" button:
Please use this if you actually need help. you will be jailed for miss use.
Ban if further done.

- STAFF RULE: No abuse of staff commands:
Three strikes and your out rule. Don't use commands for personal gain or any of the sort. these are made to help people not put you at an advantage.

- No Real world trading, of any kind!
There is no real world trading accounts, items, anything of the sort. Anyone that does so all parties will be mac banned forever. Both the buyer and the seller and the middle man if applicable. This will never be tolerated. No warnings.

Multiple accounts:

There has been a lot of different thoughts on this. This is what will stick and how it will stick.
All of these will result in the alt being banned and if abused multiple times all accounts banned.
This will not be an IP ban either. It will be account and MAC address ban.
The main reasoning for allowing alts is for people to challenge themselves in ironman mode as well as still being able to freely enjoy the server or to set themselves a new pace in group ironman mode being only able to trade between others in the group.

- No multiple accounts on same activity

- No trading between alts

- No auctioning between alts

- No mm Transferring between alts


Auto Clicking

Auto clicking is aloud to an extent.
you must be present behind the pc whilst auto clicking.

If there is no answer within 30 seconds of being questioned or asked, it will result in a timed jail.
If it has been abused multiple times. It will be a ban.



No player giveaways in excessive of 200t (right click check price. if larger than 200t) unless approved by a mod+
If items are given away in this fashion the receiver and giver will be banned unless item is returned.
Giveaway includes just giving it to someone, hns event any kind of event like that unless approved.

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