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The real $ making guide for begginers

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Hybrol    3

Welcome to my first guide on this server.

Disclaimer, this guides does not work for ironman accounts.

When you start the game most people tell you to move either ::ckey or ::gkey to get some starter gear thats worth like 10b and takes 30 minuits to grind.

What if i tell you that you can make around 5 Trillion in that exact same time?



Thats right, to start this money making guide all you need is some cash, like 1m should be enought. Simply click on hunter skill at the skill tab and speak to the npc that u find in there. After that click on the first impling that appears on your pannel.


 After that, speak to  Tamayu and buy a impling net and a bag full of impling jars.


Next to that, simply click on these implings and sometimes (really often) they will give you 2 points!

Make sure u repeat the process untill you have 250 points, after that simply speak to the impling catcher npc that sells the items for points and buy a MagePS xp lamp.


As last step just type in chat that you are selling it for 5-10 Trillion and vuala , 5-10 Trillion in about 30 minuits.

Enjoy $$$

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Baron    1

Hehe Hybrol, thats a good way indeed :D

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Rezorxshin    0

Very nice! Stimulate the economy and get this information out there!!

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